For those who follow a Pagan-based path…and practice magick..?

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Do you feel that magick can really change the material world or do you feel it creates a more psychological change? In other words, do you think that masters of magick can actually change the material cause rain clouds to appear from nowhere and cause miraculous healings instantaneously or do you feel that practicing magick is a ritual that prepares your mind for making the changes necessary to obtain your goals? Or is it a combination?
I personally feel it is more psychological in nature and that people in general do not have the kind of mind control necessary for directly affecting the material world. Eventually, we will have the ability as we evolve but only a few people nowadays have the ability to change the material world on a large scale.
But thats just my opinion..I’d like to hear what other people think…
to P- that is why I said “Pagan-based” who “practice magick”..because I DO NOT asume that all Pagans practice magick!!
To the person who said there is no “k” in “magic”..for your information some Witches differentiate magic (like what entertainers do i.e. David Copperfield) from what (some)Pagans, Witches and Wiccans do, which is Magick..hence the “k” at the end. Not all practicioneers make that distinction but some do.
Hey, great answers so far..thanks to all those who had some really thoughtful ideas to share..keep them coming!!!

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Couldn’t be bothered to read everything, just thought i’d let you know, paganism isnt about ‘magick’ (magic)
Just read the additional details: fair enough, my mistake for not reading it fully

The ring of debris around Uranus

There is no K in “magic”

The Nikki

For the most part in my experience it’s been more of a psychological thing, however once in a while I have a combination moment… and it’s kinda amazing.


I think it is a combination


I believe that we have the power to “move” the energy that surrounds us…in and through our minds, spirits, and physical bodies
I believe it is a combination of both……


I think it’s more psychological. I believe in centering yourself and creating balance. I believe in putting your energy out there to see what comes back. I don’t believe I can MAKE anything happen persay.
I also believe in the mysteries of the world as a form of magic. Today’s science was yesterday’s magic. 🙂
edit: Wow Yogi, that is powerful stuff!! Awesome


i feel that it is a combination. My magic is more of a passive thing. but i have seen some dramatic effects associated with great need at the time.
I watched an Apache Medicain Man split a tornado in half so that it would not hit the area in which we (about 80 people were camping) and then dissipate it alltogether when he saw that it would go into a small town several miles away.
i have seen healings that i cannot explain done on persons that i have known for a long time, and known them to be sick.
and since working with the Native Americans i have experienced an increase in my own magic and in how it effects the world.
i believe that as we move foreward that magic will become an everyday thing again. that it’s power is returning. as are people that know how to use it.


I think it’s a combination.
When I work for an answer or a solution–a better job, for instance–I usually work for insight to help me see what is already there. Most of the time, the change is psychological–I know there’s a solution, and I’ll find it.
But some effects are not so easily explained. The wards about my house, for instance, have the curious effect of masking it from unwanted visitors. People that I have not specifically invited will literally drive right by it three or four times, and not see it. Even if they have been there before.
It can’t be purely psychological, because they have no reason to know about or expect this sort of thing. And yet, it works.
And sometimes, a direct physical change can happen. Possibly the most dramatic example I’ve ever seen (and I do not blame you at all if you are skeptical) is when a group of us trapped in a parking garage during a thunderstorm witnessed a funnel cloud pulling down out of the clouds directly overhead. Not wanting to be part of a tornado’s genesis, and having circled together in the past, we joined and shoved as much energy as we could counter to the funnel’s rotation. It slowed, and then stopped–and most of us were left shaky and with blinding headaches.
So…it’s a little of both, I think.


I agree with your opinion that magic or magick spells (or prayers, or whatever each religion chooses to call them) have a psychological impact on the person saying them.
I don’t think they have any impact on the material world at all. No rain clouds. As for “miraculous” healings, I believe that some are fake, some would have happened anyway, and some are the result of the psychological change knowing about the spell makes in the sick person.
The person who gave you the grumpy answer wasn’t really helpful, but I think what he was trying to say is that for many Pagans, there is no magic or magick; it’s not part of their beliefs. For some, however, there is, so I think he was being a little unfair.
“Pagan” covers a lot of territory, from those who worship the old Norse (Norwegian, more or less) gods to those who are Wiccans (what some people call witches) to those who practice Voudoun (voodoo) or Santeria, etc.
What “pagan” means depends on who is saying it. To most Christians, any person who is not a Christian is a pagan. The word originally came from Latin, and the Romans — who believed in their own pre-Christian pantheon of official gods approved by the Roman government — looked down on people who lived in the countryside outside of Rome, who worshipped even older gods. “Pagan” means “peasant” in Latin. The Romans were implying that only someone who is not sophisticated would believe anything other than their official big-city religion.
But today, as you know, “pagan” means different things to different people, and even pepole who think of themselves as capital-P Pagans may have very different beliefs from other people who also call themselves Pagans.
We all have the ability to change the material world by concentrating on our goals and working towards them. If spells and prayers help you concentrate and keep working, then maybe you can say the spells and prayers helped you change the material world. 🙂

Pope Ogre'

It is my opinion that the practice of magick affects both the psychological and physical world. I myself have summoned thunder storms when I got really angry. I have seen reports of people who could direct there energy field to start fires. As far as the psychological world I have seen the effects of a spell that would not allow someone to cause harm to themselves.


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