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For those who believe in Reincarnation: What would you like to come back as in your next life other than Human?

I know many of you do not believe in reincarnation, but for the sake of the question at hand…If you could come back as another being besides human, what would it be?
And please, I don’t need your Biblical References as to why you don’t believe in this, I don’t believe in your god, anyway.


  1. How could “I” “come back” as something/someone that ISN’T “ME”?? “I” would no longer exist. For that matter, did “I” ever exist? Or is what appears to be “me” actually only the “reincarnation” of someone else? The whole idea is so pitifully irrational on the face of it that no thinking person could possibly give it any credence whatsoever.

  2. Either a dog or a tiger. I wouldn’t be a human even if i had the choice. A dog because they’re always happy and friendly and care free. A tiger because they’re rad, and you can run fast, you are at the top of the food chain, you can be lazy and just lay around sleeping most of time. And you are also relatively care-free.

  3. I don’t believe in it, but I’m always open that there’s a possibility.
    I guess I’d like to be some sort of diety. I hear that you were pretty good in your past life if you’re reincarnated as a diety.

  4. I haven’t decided yet. Once I return to Universal Consciousness, I will look at this past lifetime and decide if I want my next physical experience to be on this planet or perhaps somewhere else in the galaxy. I don’t think we’re limited in that respect.

  5. I do envy my cat sometimes…a housecat would be nice.
    But, I like the thought of being a dolphin….I don’t know about wild…they get more space to swim/wander but they also have to deal with illness and no medication, injuries from other animals, not to mention human activity.

  6. A RACCOON!!! (preferably located wherever our Ministry of Natural Resources drops their rabies vaccine pellets for the wildlife to find…)
    (Lick, Lick) ;D

  7. I would like to come back as someone content. We never know of we are going to come back, so to come back at all would be great. To come back as something content and happy with their life, would be amazing.


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