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For those who believe in reincarnation, do you feel this is your final human incarnation?

For some reason, reincarnation sits right with me, although I was not raised in a religion in which that is a belief. If reincarnation is true, I strongly feel this is my final human incarnation. And I mean that in a positive way. I won’t go down to ant next time.


  1. if you follow numerology, this is supposed to be my last reincarnation….. i think i’ve made alot of major mistakes that i have learned from, and that is the point of reincarnation. but i don’t feel like this is my final life here on earth. i feel like i need one more life to get it right. but then again, if i’ve learned from my mistakes, then i’m worthy of moving on 🙂

  2. Not bloody likely. Am I perfect? Definitely not. Am I superficial in some ways? Yes. Can I empathize 100% with everyone I know? No. Can I forgive terrible things from the depth of my soul? Not easily. Can I get angry and become resentful? Yes. Am I at the godly state of being? Far from it. And I don’t know anyone who is.
    But I hope there are other worlds – better worlds – I can reincarnate to. I want to live in a better place, where there is no murder, rape, no abuse, no wars, where not only all people are treated with kindness and respect, but where animals also are treated with respect and kindness.
    Maybe some of us who sense we might be in the last incarnation really mean our last incarnation here on this planet, which is both beautiful and deranged. Maybe we’re ready for a better world.


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