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for those who believe in past lives?

I highly suspect that we reincarnate over time and have certain lessons we must learn etc.
is there any way, other than past life regression, that you can find out about your past lives?
I have a feeling that a few people that I know now, I’ve known in a past life.


  1. How comes all the people who have been regressed were Egyptian princess or something. Why were they never milkmen? Sounds like psychobabble to me.

  2. Don’t let the title put you off – there’s a good book called “The Idiot’s Guide to Past-Life Regression” by Michael R. Hathaway that has several valuable tips about recalling past lives. You might also want to read a book or two on dreams, as the subconscious often communicates with us through our dreams.
    There are Yahoo groups on the subject you might want to join, too, e.g.:
    I can also recommend books by Michael Newton, e.g. Journey of Souls and Life Between Lives.
    Interesting reading found here:
    P.S. Re the opening line of your question, please ignore the ignorants who can’t read.

  3. in my opinion people confused prophesying with reincarnation . prophesying comes from the father in heaven and the belife of recarnation comes from the master of lies and deception satan .

  4. My friend and I were just talking about this a couple days ago. My beliefs being Pagan, I belive in reincarnation. I have had 2 past life readings done. I have never been a priest, princess… I have been just ordinary people. Once a farmer, another a slave, and I feel a connection to the medieval times (this one has not been read for me). I believe that you are put here in this life to learn something and once that is learned we can move on to the next realm, rest and prepare for the next life to learn something else. Once we have learned all our lessons we will finally reach Summerland where we can finally rest with no more rebirths.
    My friends view, whom is Gnostic, believes we are all from Sophia. There are 2 male and 2 female parts to a soul. You will know the other parts as you meet them. Together, the 4 of you make a whole soul. You do not have to be married to become a half. His perception is that the 4 parts are always looking for one another and when you find each other you will just know. Once you die then you go back to being part of Sophia to rebuild her into a single “person”. Where reincarnation comes in, he believes the first life is your spirit life where you are getting ready to go into a child. The second life is in the womb. Third life is what we are now living. Fourth life is after we die. Fifth life nobody know because you can only find that out in the fourth life.
    We both believe there are new souls out there as well. Our population now on the Earth is higher than any other time in history. I have yet to find someone that believes in past lives that has said, I believe in past lives but this is my first time through. There has to be new souls out there that have never gone through a rebirth. I believe my sister is one of those people. She just doesn’t really believe in reincarnation so she would have no clue what I’m saying to her. lol
    I hope this helps you some and I have not confussed the hell out of you.

  5. Before we tread into the domain of Past Life… we need to understand the present and the future carefully. Before indulging in our Past Life we also need to know the purpose of life journey as a whole.
    Starting from the beginning… in the chronological order as the evolution took place… we shall find that we started the journey as an Amoeba (single cell formation)… this was the first manifestation which occurred in the life of every Human Being.
    Traveling further into the Past Life we find the evolutionary tendencies existing within every living being prompted this single cell formation to multiply into two cell formation and finally multi-cell organisms. (All these form the core of Past Life of every Human Being).
    With passage of time… the multi-cell organism evolved into an insect, then into plant life, an animal and finally as a Human Being. It takes an average of about 7.3 million manifestations before every journey culminates into the level of a Human Being. A long journey of about 80 earthly million years!
    This is by no standard a small journey by our Soul Atman existing within every living being. Here while talking of Past Life we also need to understand that the journey is being undertaken by the Soul within every living being and our body… the manifest from is but the outer covering for every Soul Atman which is necessitated for our soul Atman cannot remove the dross from within on its own. It requires a body for this purpose.
    Our Soul Atman never desires to look back into the Past Life… then why is it so that the manifest body… the form of a Human Being strongly desires to look back into the Past Life. Knowing very well that it is not possible to retrace our steps and walk into our Past Life… still the desire within most human beings to look back into the Past Life is very strong.
    Why is it so… why do we not get out of the clutches of the remembrances of our Past Life (if any) for ever? Is it by any means possible to look back into the Past Life… no, it is not within the means of an average Human Being to look back into the Past Life but some astrologers and people with Tantric powers can look back into our Past Life. But to what avail!
    Trying to look back into the Past Life carries no meaning… what we were in our Past Life, what is our relationship with our Past Life, maybe after knowing some incidents of the Past Life we may be able to change our future life… is the hope of many, why?
    Why do we fail to understand that such a phenomenon of reflecting back into the Past Life is not permitted by God the Almighty? Had it been so… every Human Being, rather every living being would have remembered all the events of the past lives… but the truth is absolutely adverse? We do not carry even faint memories of our Past Life the moment we step into the present life.
    Remember for a moment that if you come to know that the best friend of yours in this life was the cause of your death in the immediate Past Life… would you be able to carry the same relationship as you are doing it now? Maybe… never!
    Also if you come to know that you were born into the house of your present parents to avenge your death in one of your past lives… then what would be your fate in this life? Would you continue to give the same respect to your parents… or maybe you go a step further and become the cause of death of your parents in this life! More on god here- http://www.godrealized.org/past_life.html


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