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For those who Believe in past lives, past life regression and reincarnation…?

Do you believe that (it may be possible) someone in the present can cause a trigger to remember a past life/ have a regression?? (I currently met someone, and I’ve felt like Ive known them my entire life and not only my entire life but in past lives also. I think we follow each other to find one another to make things work, because our relationships never worked out in the past, for what reasons I don’t know. For some reason when I met him, I felt a strange feeling of not having closure!? (Odd right and I hadn’t even known him that long.) I’m not going to say who I think we are in our previous past life, or really who I think I may have been, lets just say I’ve done a lot of research on her and we are kindred spirits. I think we didn’t have closure because of the way we parted (very quickly and violently.) Well anyway when I first met him I began having dreams of places and things in a certain period of time (in this century) that I am currently drawn to in this life, the dress the era I love it all. I went to research this and they are all very real places, exactly like in my dreams. Why does he have this affect on me? Who is he that he is making me trigger past lives? Could we possibly have been soul mates in the past/are we? And if we aren’t then why does he cause me to regress?? Hmmm insight is very much appreciated. Thanks.


  1. We all have astral parasites attached to our nervous system which may or may not imprint thoughts in our mind…
    I’ve been hypnotized too many times, to know it’s not the hypnotist doing the work…
    I congradulate you in exploring and having an open-mind (pardon the pun)

  2. I absolutely believe you were connected in another life. I worked with a man who said something to me once and I had a flashback to another lifetime with him! It was surreal. I asked him if he said that to all the girls and he smiled and said “just the pretty ones”. In my memory, I was a child and he was my body guard in a life time in Egypt and I really felt secure and loved around him. What he said to me that day that sparked the memory was “Good morning Princess”. I still feel connected to him even though I have not seen him in a while.
    I know that I have had many life times with my sister. We are way to connected spiritually to not have been. I also feel that way about many of the people I am close to.
    I hope you find your answer!


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