For those who believe in karma and reincarnation how can you be so sure it exists?

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Sometimes i think its true and sometimes i dont. How could anyone be sure that this wasnt made up in olden times? They always say the meaning of karma and the meaning of reincarnation but its very easy to say. What do you think?

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Actions have consiquences. – karma
I remember a previous life myself, well about 5 seconds before I died.

free spirit

the universe will always settle the score…

Maureen S

You could say the same thing about anything, especially with regard to religion.
One has to go with what they feel is right for them and yet at the same time, not gloat that they are right and others wrong.
Nobody knows for sure. NOBODY!

Sangre Purpura

Energy gets recycled one way or another…and yes for every action there is a reaction.


I don’t know that I could be ‘sure’ but to me it only makes sense. Life to me seems to be a force. I believe that that force is too strong to end at the passing of the body, I believe it must go on, and do so into a new body.
Karma.. try doing something you know is wrong (or right), and it will show itself by returning to you.


Rule of thumb, if it’s something from an ancient book with no evidence to back it up, it’s a load of crap. “Rule of thumb” is even a load of crap that comes from the Bible. You could beat your wife, slave or whatever with a rod as long as it wasn’t thicker than your thumb.

Ernest S

Unless you come back as yourself then you cannot know and the whole thing becomes meaningless.
Yet what is the point of coming back as yourself?
The idea has an inherent logical contradiction.
It is just a failure to face up to personal responsibility and a device to deny God.
An extremely common deficiency, popularised now under the clothes of Atheism.


Faith is blind.
This concept applies without discrimination when it comes to Religion and Spirituality.


I do not tie Karma & Reincarnation together.
I know there is reincarnation.
Karma involves some mechanisms I’m having a hard time getting clear info on namely I see too many contradictions that are too complex to explain here, so lets just say I do not believe in Karma.
As far as how to know about incarnation you have to look at as much evidence for it as you can find. And read each story carefully and then decide for your self. I strongly suggest getting the sources from other than books on religion and reincarnation if you can. They show up all over the place including possible people you know.
General Patton during world war 2 suddenly announced to those around him that he had fought there before in a previous life. I mention it not as proof but as an indicator of where theses stories can show up.
There is a couple pretty interesting stories in the book “The Autobiography of a Yogi”, that made me ponder more than once. I could point out other places, vbut you have to locate them.If you just decide that ; you will look into each and every story and then try to weigh its merits and flaws, eventually you will be able to tease out the truth. But you have to do it over time. No one can solve this for you.

Singing Bee

It’s easy,what goes around comes around,what goes up must come down.If you do a lot of bad things eventually you’ll have to suffer,in your existent life,or next.While on the contrary,those who did good deed will end the cycle of reincarnation and lead themselves to a better life.Check this out, .


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