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For those that can see/sense the Chakras, what color does the Crown Chakra look like to you?

Is it usually violet? Magenta? Gold? White? I’m confused, as there are many supposed colors it is said to be.


  1. Hahaha this is a surprising question to be seen on Yahoo answers. Now one who has opened the Crown chakra has essentially reached the stage of God Realization and Actualization. He essentially becomes one with the all mighty living force. This is of course an extremely difficult level of spirituality to attain and is not something that anyone can really see. Now since I myself have not spiritually progressed to any such level at all, I cannot really say, but based on all the pictures and images you see, this chakra at the top of the scalp seems to be more or less violet than anything else.
    But don’t take my word for it. I don’t think anyone truthfully knows and if they did, they wouldn’t bother to post anything on yahoo answers let along the internet.

  2. There is no such thing as ‘chakras’.
    If anyone claims to see or sense them they are hallucinating. To think that there’s some coincidental hallucination going on and everyone is seeing the same imaginary thing in the same colour would just be a form of mass hysteria.

  3. I have seen it and I can tell you with out any doubt that it is a crystal white light and it vibrates on the same frequency as sun light. …………….
    Consciousness itself is Light, .. and the frequencies of consciousness or ‘thought’, .. are reflected in the color that each frequency displays. The higher the frequency, the faster it is vibrating and the more invisible it is from a lower perspective. …. Physical matter is simply energy of consciousness that is vibrating so slowly that it appears to be static, while in truth it is changing and fluctuating all the time. …. From the perspective of the most dense perspective of consciousness, which is the physical, .. the higher and more invisible frequencies do not exist. None the less, .. without them, .. the physical would not exist at all, because it is in truth merely one frequency in a greater whole.
    The science of physics is beginning to recognize that the entire universe is ‘conscious’ and part of a unified field of consciousness.

  4. Though this question should be in Mental Health, if you can see a spiritual aura around people I’m guessing it’s different for each and every person who can ‘see’. They can translate each aura through their minds eye but it doesn’t mean it’s the same every time.


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