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For those that can OBE, how long does it take to induce sleep paralysis?

If you OBE via the sleep paralysis method, how long does it usually take to induce? 2 hours, 3? Longer?


  1. I often find what makes you especially prone to sleep paralysis is going to sleep with an extremely tired, weary body and eyes but with an extremely active mind. That way, it feels like the body goes to sleep faster than your mind does, that’s when you get ‘stuck’.

  2. If I go to sleep at about midnight, I will usually have an episode at about 3 am. Of course, I have to be sleeping on my back, my dog can’t be on my bed, and my TV usually has to be on for it to work for me. But…I don’t really have a lot of OBE…I had one that scared me to death (entities dragged me out of my body onto the floor and held me down.) and I haven’t really wanted to do it again since.


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