For those people who did astral projection, is there a possibility that some entity might possess your body?





If your soul is not inside your body, is there a possibility that some entity might possess your body that will prevent your soul to come back inside it? I heard that that’s the danger in astral projection. Is that true?


  1. 1) Astral Projection occurs in a similar method to dreaming, so if dreaming allows your body to get possessed then YES!
    2) Your Soul does not necessarily leave, in fact it is your body duplicate or astral body that leaves and is connected to the soul in your body with the “silver cord”, via the silver cord the information gathered is then transferred to the soul which is conscious of the body/mind complex. The memories are stored in the body mind complex.
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    Yours Truly,
    Peace, Love and Light.

  2. People who claim that don’t understand what astral projection really is. Your ‘entire’ spirit does not leave your body. If it did, you would be dead. End of story there. A portion of your spirit travels, but it is linked at all times to your physical body. In true journey work you are still aware of the world around you even as you travel to the Other world. Your spirit that is left behind defends you and no other entity is going to try to possess your physical body.

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