Home Discussion Forum For those of you who believe that past-life regressions are real...?

For those of you who believe that past-life regressions are real…?

have you come across any evidence to prove it?


  1. I don’t think this is something that is easily accepted by most people because most evidence is anecdotal.
    It appears to be something you must experience for yourself before you can believe it.
    Read up on “Bridey Murphy” and you might want to reconsider….

  2. I believe in past-life regression, but think Everyone (Yes everyone!!!) who performs these “services” for others are Charlatans and Mountebanks. One needs to explore their psyche themselves, and look to your RNA, and there will be the evidence.

  3. I have seen some very good evidence yes
    I studied some cases at university
    and there was an Australian regression therapist who actually followed up the information with the ladies who were regressed
    a few of them went to the UK and several other places
    and accurately described places that they did not know about
    one in particular described the old architect for Aberdeen University … and was so specific that they had to go into the archives to check it
    and she was right

  4. I believe in past lives, but since I’m trying to break the cycle of rebirth and suffering anyway, I’m not really interested in engaging in pointless debate about it.

  5. I have no proof either way. However I have two different potential theories about it.
    1) There is no past life. When people do past life regressions, what they are seeing are bits of memory from ancestors that have been passed on genetically.
    2) Our true self is a spirit. Our spirit learns things by living this life. Once this body dies, our spirit is judged based on its cumulative knowledge, and if ready will pass into a spirit realm. If it has not learned enough, it will be reborn into a new body to live this life again, in order to gain more knowledge – perhaps in a different culture, gender, social group, etc. While the spirit has much knowledge, the limits on the human body prevent us from realizing this knowledge that we have. Only through enlightenment can we tap into this potential, which most people do not achieve.
    Blessed be!
    ~Embracing my Pangelism


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