For those of you who believe in spiritual meditation as a way of life, how would you respond to violence?





It seems to me that violence is a natural part of human nature. So I am wondering, if you feel people should try to gain a higher form of consciousness and if you believe that all we should be doing is meditating all day, then how would you respond to those who believe in gaining control over everything through violence? Would you fight back, or allow yourself to be killed? I wonder about this because it would be nice to see a world where everyone lets go of their ego, but I also think there will be people who will try to utilize violence for their own selfish gains, if not always, then for a very long time. I’d like to know how spiritual people would handle that., because before the world can let go of their ego, there will be violence to have to deal with, unfortunately.


  1. Sex and violence are the inherent animal character of human beings. The mind should be cultivated and those type of characters are to be changed by meditation & introspection only. Then only they can become spiritualist. In the intial stage it will be difficult only and due course of time when our bad imprints are getting washed of by that of others immoral acts it is easy & comportable only. The normal violent people will not quarel with the calm mind spiritual people is the natural phenomena. After one stage all will be very friendly only. This is my personal experience.

  2. I’m not going to presume to speak for others and their relationship to the Divine through meditation, but my own position is simply to not become the aggressor in violence, I will (and feel I should) defend myself if violence is en-acted upon me.
    My spiritual meditation is based mostly on Fr. John Keating’s CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER movement.

  3. Thats the tricky thing about balance and its a hard fact for some people to swallow. In nature there is both violence and civility. There is pain and pleasure. Yin get the idea..
    The ego can be held accountable for most acts of violence.
    But if you agree with the chaos theory then you are aware that there is violent acts in our world anyway- why? because we need it. It is a part of our natural environment- you have to see the beautiful within the ugly.

  4. if you consult the Baghavad-Gita (huh? google), you will learn that Krishna told Arjuna when Arjuna questioned him if it was right to fight against men who were attacking his kingdom and Krishna told him that if the motivation in your heart is in essence the right one, then to take an action is not wrong so that if a lack of violence in motivation is present, it is not violence to defend yourself from violent attack. or something like that.

  5. I spent a great deal of my life both being the target of violence, and hurting other people. I spent most of my school years fighting. These days, if I am attacked, I would fight only to defend myself, but I do not want to ever be the aggressor again. My family has a very long history of extreme violence, and I intend for the cycle to stop with me. That’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen the path of Christian pacifism.

  6. God has His angels of Vengeance.
    I’m applying for the job when I get there, if there’s an opening for it. I’d be quite happy to squish people with giant hailstones and such.

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