For those of you who believe in reincarnation, what do you think happens to us after the world ends?






just out of curiosity.


  1. I think we go somewhere we are needed. Obviously we don’t stay here so we go somewhere else. We can’t possibly be the only life in the universe. Then again, whose to say we really exist at all?

  2. I believe in reincarnation in the sense that EVERY human who incarnates eventually goes to heaven after many attempts on earth.Earth’s purpose is to learn, can’t learn with no negativity ( heaven being a no negativity zone)
    So, when the world is no longer livable, we will all go back home.Except for those who do not wish to.Then I guys they stay in between.

  3. I guess everything comes to an end sooner or later. Then again who ever said that we would necessarily be reincarnated in this universe, why not a parallel universe?

  4. I have no idea. I have thought about that frequently.
    I believe that the other side is here on earth just on another dimension. I wonder would nuclear war affect it.
    I just don’t know!
    Great question.
    I like the answers you have received, too.

  5. “For those of you who believe in reincarnation, what do you think happens to us after the world ends?”
    Well, we would gain the opportunity to incarnate in a new world, which should be a great relief…. We are not material beings, and Earth is not our home. It’s merely like a kindergarten where we learn a lot through suffering and limitations. The real you and I are starstuff, and eternal, and we exist beyond time and space.

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