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For those of you who believe in Reincarnation. How many times is a soul Reincarnated?

Is there ever an end to it, or do we continue to travel from life to life forever? If there is an end, what must we do to achieve that? Where does a soul go when it’s finished with its travels?
I like the subject of Reincarnation, and I was just curious what you believe.
God bless.


  1. innumerable. As long as the soul tries to enjoy in this material world there is no release from the stringent laws of material nature – karma, action & reaction. Karma forces the soul to undergo various coverings in different bodies.
    The transmigration of the soul stops when the soul gets liberation, or moksha.
    Moksha is of two types: temporary and eternal.
    Temporary moksha is achieved by the impersonalists, those who imagine that they are God. Actually they are athiests. They try to become one with God, but instead all they can do is merge temporarily with His bodily effulgence, and then fall down again.
    Eternal Moksha is achieved when the soul develops pure love for God. Lord Jesus Christ taught that, btw. This human form is the only opportunity to achieve that, since in the lower forms there is insufficient scope to exhibit full consciousness. Animals, though often cute, are bound heavily by the laws of nature. Humans at least have the opportunity to hear from saintly persons and to practice religious life, to develop pure love for God.
    If a person develops pure love for God, at the end of the body, that person goes to be with God. The Christians call that place the Kingdom of God or Heaven. In sanskrit it is called Vaikuntha, or ‘place of no anxieties’. The Lord lives there surrounded by all His associates and devotees. it is said that this material world, with innumerable universes, comprises only a small fraction of the Lord’s energies.
    In that world, the Lord’s abode, there are gradations also, according to the mood of devotion of the Lord’s devotees there. Some love the Lord in great awe and reverence, while some love Him more closely, like as a dear friend. Some love Him so dearly that they do not even consider that He is God.
    In that place the soul can fully exhibit his or her glory.
    Hare Krishna, thanks for your question.

  2. there are a lot of different beliefs about reincarnation.
    ever since i was a child i’ve believed that we come back. i think that we come here to learn and grow as spiritual beings.
    i think that in between lives we go home…everyone has their own name for it. the summerlands, nirvana, heaven, or whatever you want to name it.
    after we’ve learned all that we can here we move on. i think that there is another level of existence.
    i hope that this helped somewhat…but it is only my beliefs. research as many different paths as you can to see which one resonates with you.

  3. Reincarnation is said to continue until a Person realizes his true nature of Soul or until one has experienced all the fruits of his actions and surrenders himself to God, by giving his actions and their results to God.
    Soul gets deluded that it is a body(astral or physical) or mind. When this notion of I am Body goes away then Mind remains, when this notion of I am mind goes away then only “Soul” remains, then one rests in his true nature.
    One has to realize that he is not mind or body, that one is Eternal soul,and this realization can be had in many ways. And all religions are paths to realize this one truth.
    But even through Love of God, one can realize his true nature, and get Moksha.

  4. A very good question and well posited..I love the Hari Krishna answers….I like them very much….I’d like to answer from a Buddhist perspective if I may…in order to compare with the other fine answers posted..
    For Buddhists, reincarnation is a very special form of rebirth. For Buddhists, Rebirth is the Cycle we are all subject to and not reincarnation…forgive me if any offence was taken…it is not my intent to cause such..only to inform…
    Buddhists do not use the term soul….rather what is reborn is an energy…subject to the laws of Khamma…
    Rebirth takes place over many many lifetimes, until Khamma is exhausted and until enlightenment is achieved through the realisation of emptiness…this is the full release of what are termed the taints and the Self…these things holding or binding the true Us inside….
    We continue to travel…a good use of the right term btw….**if I may say, often folks have an intuitive insight … you have this in abundance….** We continue to travel in this realm being subject to the laws of Khamma…in this world of the senses….in Samsara..a Pali word which means to travel or wander…we thus wander until we reach true release or realisation of things as they truly are….
    Quite a journey…grins….
    A Buddhist…//bows in respect//….

  5. I believe the cycle of reincarnation does not end, That the object of life is not to eventually escape from it, as if this world is not what counts the most. We need to value this reality as the most important reality, so as to get better at dealing with all aspects of it, and seeing what is of positive value in all aspects of it. This desire to escape the struggle of life, rather than taken it on as a challenge, is not good, whether the escape is after one life or a million. We have so many serious problems in this world, because people are not facing its challenges, and working at addressing its problems. There may be some spirits with out bodies and a need for a body, but they are of a different type. God (the universal force and spirit) would not require a body. One needs to focus on this reality like there is no other option, and see the value of exercising the human spirit so as to keep it strong, through having to deal with the complexities and struggles of the reality of this material universe we live in.

  6. Its an ongoing process and according to the deeds of an individual , process of reincarnation generates. Soul is immoral as per the ethics all the religions on the planet , where as the body will be changed and process of birth and death is an ongoing process . This worth to be experienced and cannot be defined in the words, because words are poor . Besides, its a debatable question – ONLY SEEING IS BELIEVING , HERE SAY ARE HALF LIES .

  7. I believe in souls or “spirits”.
    Personally I believe when we die our soul enters a mother’s womb and becomes a newborn again..it’s like a cycle. When we can find the meaning of life then our soul can stop the cycle and enter “heaven”.

  8. Lets see , I’ve been lady of the evening,
    A women of 60’s I killed myself
    A women of 30’s an singer in that life
    My mother was twin sister in past life
    I was from atlantis at one point I have been
    here many, many, years.


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