Home Discussion Forum For those of you who are familier with DMT (the spirit molecule)?

For those of you who are familier with DMT (the spirit molecule)?

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) has been hypothesized to trgger mystical visions, psychotic hallucinations, allien-abduction experiences, near-death experiences and has been attached somewhat the God experience of those of faith (all faiths and spiritiuals). I asked this question earlier and the responses were quite lackluster. So I thought I’d try again. What’s your thoughts on the connection between DMT and the Gods.
Before I post this I need to add that DMT is secreted by the pineal gland in the brain in small amounts. It is a strong hallucinagen in larger quantities and the only other source known to date is the ayathsa tree.


  1. I would ask you where I can find a ayathsa tree. As far as the DMT molecule goes….whatever, it is garbage. I say this not because it is useless, but because it is NOT the only reason people claim to have these experiences. Many of them are simply made up for attention

  2. What do you want us to say? God, at least 99% of alien abductions and near-death experiences are all illusions. The believers won’t listen to you, and the atheists already knew. Mescaline has similar effects to DMT, and has been used by the Native Americans of the SW U.S. for thousands of years to “commune with spirits”. There is also more recent information about DMT on Wikipedia:

  3. I think your very perceptive…
    My opinion is that all ideas of god(s)(esses)are a creation of our minds. I think that when and if a person incurs one of these experiences…they intuitively draw on culture experience to help interpret them. Hallucinations can appear to be very real to people…so they search for meaning for them. Our more primitive societies believe in spirit beings more so than gods as most understand the concept of god. These cultures are primitive by any standard and these peoples livelihood depends alot on securing the favors of these beings they believe to be real. They realize they are invisible…which should be a clue, that they understand they cant see them…and they realize that some action on their part is required to commune with them…like ritual music, chanting…which is conducive to a hypnotic state…they just don’t realize its all in their head. I also think its a coping mechanism….a natural feelgood drug that allows helpless people cope with the feeling of being alone or not in control of the environment…like storms, earthquakes. These natural occurrences are given meaning by attributing them to the workings of spirits of gods.


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