For the psychics who somehow missed understanding basic ego dynamics –?

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People don’t understand basic ego dynamics and think that ego is about overtly seeking attention from others, etc. Each of us has an ego and it seeks IDENTITY. This identity can be the ‘humble, spiritual, no-reward identity’ or the ‘help others with no expectations’ identity. It is anything that seeks to create a sense of self — and the subtlest form of this is the one that is the ‘humble truth-seeker who doesn’t want recognition or reward’. Zen understands this very well and it would help if ‘psychics’ did, too.

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≈ Pangel ≈

I totally understand that we all have ego … it is the self , our identity
I am just at a loss as to how I can explain that I have no other motive to doing psychic readings other than I enjoy doing it and helping people in whatever way they wish help
so my fault is , if I have any in regards to this
I enjoy it


Why is there an attack against people who are sensitive to psychic energy? Seems irrational to me.


You know that most of Freud theories have been debunked right?


Spirituality is born from a personal occurrence with a divine, psychic or mystical experience of one form or another which inevitably connects a person to All that Is/God/Goddess/Allah/Great Spirit /whatever you want to call it.
Religion is second hand opinion of someone else’s divine experience. I think you will find that religions, and especially fanatical religions, tend to separate and divide people, while spirituality brings people together.
Thank God that Spirituality is on the increase!
The Psychic Monk sees auras, sees and speaks with spirits, channels energy, and can work with you in spiritual counseling.
These twelve steps to spiritual enlightenment by design are part of the spiritual counseling provided by The Psychic Monk.


Do you think people have haloes?

Is it not the crown chakra glowing?

Is the religion ego's funny way of making us feel like were better then seculars?

there are many layers of ego, even the spiritual person will get the 'look at me' Im spiritual' type of ego or...

can somebody tell me a name of any movie that talks about astral projection ?

im looking for any movie that mainly talks about astral projection or even have astral projections in it

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Are different kinds of Buddhists aiming at different concepts of enlightenment?

Is the Zen practitioner, practicing for something different to the Tantric Buddhist? What about a Theravadin monk? etc. Maybe there are different kinds of realisation?
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