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For people who believe in psychic powers only please?

My boyfriend has premonitions about a girl that is going to stalk him next year and he says that we both become friends with her and she moves in with us. We are both in our 20s and have had things like this happen all our lives. I have also had a few premonitions about it myself. I don’t think that I want to meet this girl because she seems nasty and apparently bullies me. I am quite small and she’s really tall and strong and I have had images of her attacking me.
I don’t know what to do. She starts hanging out with my boyfriend’s friends and she’s very difficult to avoid.
I know that I am a bit psychic as I have had dreams about people who I have later met and dreams about things happening that came true. My boyfriend is too.
Is there any way I can change events so that we don’t meet her?
He can’t be with other girls because we live together and are together pretty much 24/7.


  1. Wow.. there’s a novel way to con somebody into a 3 way. I’ll have to keep that in mind for future use.. I may know one or two chicks foolish enough to believe in this crap.

  2. You cant change your future totally – however if you have such vivid images of this person just be mindfull when you meet new people if you come across the girl with the same description – then avoid her !!

  3. Probably not. If you know what she looks like, you could just ignore her. Try keeping headphones with you all the time even if they’re not plugged into anything, so random people don’t talk to you. Then if you still meet her, just ignore her, and if she insists on talking to you then chase her off by saying something like ‘I don’t know you, please leave me alone’ and don’t look at her again. I hope what you described doesn’t happen, but I also hope that this girl finds other friends.

  4. in those times just roll up a window in your mind each time she begins to say something.
    she wont figure it out for ages..its really quiet fun.lol

  5. Why is he getting forewarning about a girl who isn’t his girlfriend. Why would she be stalking him if they are not messing around? Wake up! Smell the coffee!
    I dont think you saying everything that we need to know. To be honest, it sounds as if your a jealous of her and doesnt want her to be near him. If your boyfriend wants to avoid her, im pretty sure he;s man enough to do that hun!

  6. im sorry but this is a no brainer
    am i the only one who has worked out the simple answer to this is don’t let anyone MOVE IN WITH YOU.
    is that to hard ? should i say it again ?
    we both become friends with her and she moves in with us.
    well no she does not move in coz you don’t let her or just to be safe, anyone, don’t let anyone move in with you, now wheres the problem ?

  7. Take it as a warning and do all that you can to prevent her from entering your lives.
    You can control whether she moves in to your house or not.
    Ask your boyfriend to stay away from her and do the same yourself. If she is around his friends, then simply stay away. If it does come true, I doubt it will last too long.


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