For people that are not biased when it comes to religion – would you take eternal reincarnation if offered it?

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Like living forever but as different people. We’re bound to end up with the same people we have now but as different roles – mother in this life could be cousin in another.

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well why not?

Fried Water Nuggets

Sure why not as long as I remebered everything…


It is my understanding that those who do believe in it consider it a curse. Think of never resting but always trying to obtain an impossible goal.

Connor R

Yes, but I doubt that reincarnation is real

Jj M

Why not just offer Immortality?

blueeyed girl

Nope. I want to live on this earth only once and with the way my family gets along…once is enough for me

~Lil Spaz~ 2.0

I shouldn’t be answering this…


i suppose it would depend on what the alternative is. knowing my chances of coming back as a starved uneducated african or southeastern asian person severely reduces the likelihood I’d accept the offer of reincarnation. if I was told each life would be better than the last, then I’d do it, unless the alternative was a perfect heaven.


If there were a such thing as eternal reincarnation, I would not choose to take it.
Why would I make a conscious decision to die and then come back to “Hell” on earth over and over and over again?


Probably not. I want to be who I presently am until I spoil.

Joan the Linguist

Ew, it would be one endless cycle of pain, because life is suffering. Even religions that believe in reincarnation hold that the highest goal is to escape the cycle and achieve divine oneness…


i don’t really get reincarnation if you can’t remember your previous life then whats the point?


Geez. No offense or anything, but I got lucky being born where I am. Nothing says that would happen the second time around. . .


How do you know we don’t already do that and just don’t remember?

Thamain P

I believe in reincarnation, anyways & noone has to offer that to me. I’m very sure that my spirit will live forever & I will be coming back in different forms, depending on my karma.

Is this hell?

I would like that better than heaven. (Assuming either exist)
I would love reincarnation.


Only if I could remember my past lives..which is oddly the opposite of what most people would want…


What’s my other option? if it’s “eternal bliss” i’ll take that, or maybe just a total blackout at the end isn’t really all that bad either. but reincarnation i mean, always as a human? what if i wanted to check life out as a giant squid, or a leopard? Thats ponderous man.

single mommy

i believe in reincarnation and right now i love to live these lives! but eventually we all tire of it and i want to descend to something better


I’m religious and though I do not believe in reincarnation, I think I would not be reincarnated if for me it was an option. I think that when I die I will want to understand my life that I have lived and I do not believe that a person who is reincarnated can ever truely do that.

Giant Taco that craps Ice-cream

Every soul needs it’s rest. No.

Uncle Tim

yup, I would.


No, that sounds awful; You might end up living horribly painful existences for all of eternity!
The only way that might be OK is if you never know you’ve lived before. But then what would be the point of taking the offer?


I haven’t died yet to test the concept of heaven and hell. So far, my life here has been fair enough. So why not – eternal reincarnation it is!


With all the sin and evil in the world, why would you want to come back? I prefer to live eternal life in heaven with Jesus!


I view reincarnation differently. I think when a person is reincarnated, your whole entire being will be different, though your soul will remain the same. A kind person will be as purehearted even if reincarnated as a kitten.
If given the oppurtunity, I would gladly accept. I believe in the red string theory, where one person is forever attached to another. I would love to meet the person I love in another life. 🙂


I always thought a certain form of reincarnation would be an appropriate punishment for those who abuse animals.
Let them spend about a month as the animal they abused( with their full memory and knowledge of who they are) just to teach them not to ever do that again.


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