For past agnostics/atheists, when or how did you finally understand God?





I was previously an agnostic in my early 20’s, until I finally understood God. It took a Lakota shaman to explain the perspective for me to get it. I’m curious how did you come to that point.
lix: pretty cool!
orangeflavored: I love Paramahansa Yogananda! His autobiography is one of my most favorite of all the spiritual books that I have ever read.


  1. I’m just beginning to understand “god”….
    I’ve become more spiritual, but I’m still somewhat agnostic.
    The Self Realization Fellowship is really interesting… check it out

  2. He took me by surprise one morning and spoke to me very directly. Over a period of six months, He spoke to me in visions and dreams and miraculous circumstances before even bringing me into Christian contact. He has been with me now for 22 years and still speaks to me in some pretty amazing ways.

  3. I wasn’t going to answer this question as it didn’t apply to me, but I was so appalled by the rude answers that I had to say something!
    So, what did the Lakota shaman explain to you that helped you to understand god in a different way? You can email if you want. I haven’t met an agnostic who came to believe in god, so I’m interested in what you have to say.
    And a general sort of apology for…the level of rudeness you’ve encountered.

  4. It is through the spirit of faith at the right time scheduled for every man’s calling to GOD as our FAITH IN GOD was written by THE LORD GOD before time began. And this spirit was planted in every man’s heart of eternity. That is right. THE LORD GOD has revealed HIS mysteries to the Prophets and the Saints in the past, today and even in the future. Thus, THE FATHER GOD is THE FATHER OF THE LORD GOD as LORD means Prince or a royal son. THE FATHER GOD is called by the Prophet Daniel (7:9-10) as THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. In that coronation event in celestial heaven before our time began, THE SON OF MAN OR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST in human image was made LORD and GOD over our world or universe and unto its unending world called OMEGA. As THE LORD GOD in human image is the LORD JESUS CHRIST was made GOD and LORD over our universe by THE FATHER GOD, one of HIS titles is EVERLASTING FATHER, MIGHTY GOD, KING OF KINGS, WONDERFUL COUNSELOR (Isaiah 9;6). Thus, THE LORD GOD is the EVERLASTING FATHER of men in contrast to THE FATHER OF THE LORD GOD (likened to our grandfather relationship) as FATHER GOD. But all authorities were given to THE LORD GOD by THE FATHER GOD so no one can go to THE FATHER except through THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as HE is the LORD and GOD of all men. On one hand, Mohammad is a prophet among the Muslim peoples and the spirits of the dead people are resting today in the bosom of Abraham in the KIngdom of heaven in the future earth. To broaden our topic please read on – The Prophets of old or even today can see spiritual vision. It is because in human sense, they have a third eye so to speak. This 3rd eye is actually their sense of wonder. And they see wonderful creations all around them like the light, the planets, the sun and the universe. And the micro world say men living in the billionth- billionth- billionth of a second, yet we do not perceive this time occurring:before our very eyes or a billion, billlion of years which we dont have the opportunity of experience and perceive them as well. And these are only examples of the servants of GOD seeing them with their third eye or their sense of wonder. Thus, at this point in man’s history, we have a book of wonder called the Bible and the christianity that it espouses. Additionally, Christianity is a belief of life beyond the grave; a life even unto eternity or eternal life. And THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is the WORD OF GOD about these divine plan for mankind. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the MESSIAH who have redeemed mankind from eternal death or damnation. HE is mankind’s savior. For witnesses other than Christians, the Prophet Mohammad in a vision was brought by Archangel Gabriel to heaven and saw THE LORD JESUS CHRIST standing in the right hand of GOD; while Mohammad remained with the audience in a heavenly assembly among the Prophets. St John the baptist was also a witness of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST when he declared HIM as THE LAMB OF GOD who takes away the sins of mankind. And another witness is the Prophet Isaiah 9:6 that states that the one who will be born of a virgin woman will be called MIGHTY GOD, WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR (HOLY SPIRIT), EVERLASTING FATHER and PRINCE OF PEACE. These are one of the many reasons that one should believe the Bible and Christianity as well. THANKS GOD; FEAR GOD; PRAISE GOD; GLORIFY GOD; HONOR GOD; LOVE GOD AND WORSHIP GOD. Pls visit my website-THEGOODNEWSOFTHEKINGDO

  5. Cool, someone else with an open mind. It was a little different for me tho. I went from christian to atheist to now agnostic. Atheism came when I researched the history of religion, I figured ALL of it was from man, including God. but recently I realized it wasnt God I didnt believe in, it was mans view of him. so now I believe in God again, but not religion.

  6. You climbed down the wrong side of the fence, buddy. You’re the first case I’ve ever heard of an agnostic becoming religious.

  7. I never did. Please stop assuming that there is a God and acting like you are 100% right; I will stop acting like a know-it-all as well.

  8. When I realized that there is one truth, but many paths. I no longer was hung over the religious view of God. I realized we all come from the same source, and we will ALL return to it eventually. This can be viewed scientifically too. There is a force of energy that creates. We are the product of this force. When we die, we return. This is a continuous cycle (reincarnation).

  9. When I came to Jesus with an open heart. I had the head knowledge to know that Christ was who He said He is. It took wanting Him in my heart to get the job done.

  10. I never finally understood God. I understand It the way I understand at this moment. It may change. Some never question, some kill for It and it all seems to work. One thing that unites us all is that we all experience It in a different way.
    So it took a Lakota shaman for you to get it. How did your understanding of God affect or change your life and those around you? Does it have to?
    With Love

  11. Any ‘former atheists/agnostic’ who suddenly ‘finds jesus’ more than likely wasn’t an atheist in the first place. Those people are known as the Mad At God Crowd.

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