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For fellow spiritual people…Is conduct implied?

I had a spiritual awakening of sorts, about a year ago. A good friend of mine experienced a similar experience during the same time. This allowed us to guide each other and discuss everything we were feeling and thinking.
Anyways, we are living in different cities now, and still discuss life over the phone. The problem is, with my awakening, I started living more of a pure life…I gave up drinking, smoking and some other ills in my life. I don’t need any of those things anymore. I’m not saying a drink is the worst thing in the world, but I decided to end it for good.
My friend on the other hand, still drinks and smokes, and even uses other substances. He has random sex with many women, and lives a life led by desire. It makes no sense because he’ll still talk of terms such as love, truth, harmony and oneness, while doing many questionable things after.
I bring it up, saying he doesn’t act in accordance with his beliefs, but he usually responds with some comment on acceptance. Am I out of line for thinking he’s out of line?


  1. Yes, conduct of thoughts, words and actions must be pure if we wish to perfect ourselves.
    Intoxication and sexual misconduct will lead to nothing but suffering.

  2. Yes you are. Whatever awakening you had is not necessarily the same as he did.
    Why do you think that these things are “bad”? Having sex is not wrong, smoking is harmful, but not “sinful”, drinking in moderation has positive health benefits. Just because you do not do them any more does not suddenly make them wrong.

  3. I am a Christian and I believe that if we are true believers of God we will obey Him and do what He commands us in His word, the Bible. God says,
    John 8:31
    To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
    This means that if we do what we say then we are truly believers, but if we do not hold to His teaching and obey His commandments, then we are not true believers. I hope this helps!!


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