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For fellow Christians- or anyone who wants to respond…do you believe in reincarnation?

I believe it can happen, but I think it is very obscure. I don’t really think, in the hindu sense, that we may come back as vermin, or cattle. I don’t consider cows sacred, or anything. I am a nondenominational Christian. If reincarnation is not real, then what is the explanation for past life regression, and similar events?


  1. I believe in it though I think we’d have to do something special in our lives in order to. I don’t agree with the hindu sense either though we may come back as animals depending on what we have done. I mean some people deserve to come back as rats. But hey I believe and I don’t think there is anything wrong with believing it, I’m a catholic and I still do.

  2. I’m no Christian by a long shot, but yeah I believe in the possibility of reincarnation. Just souls constantly learning and evovling. Not a bad concept at all. It’s why I like the Seth books by Jane Roberts so much. Interesting stuff.

  3. As a Christian i do not believe in reincarnation. The Bible teaches that we physically die once then the resurection.
    I would love to have another crack at life though.

  4. I would have to say yes. I am a born again christian and I believe that when we die we do go to heaven but after a while God sends us back to earth to be reborn. That is where(I believe) the souls of the newborn babies come from.

  5. My brother
    No I dont believe in reincarnation the Bible doesnt support this thinking at all. We are born again but not physically. No where does it say we come back here and live another life. You get one chance to do it right make it count
    I hope this helps you my friend

  6. Reincarnation makes no sense logically. The concept is that when we die our soul enters another (new born) and we get another chance to do it all again. Maybe because we didn’t fulfill our purpose in our past life. Here’s the problem. If you believe in the idea that God created Adam and Eve first and they by procreation established life on earth….when did God say “Enough making new souls, let me recycle some of these old ones?”. What would be the purpose of that? God is a creator. Not a duplicator. The universe itself is without an end…there is no same of anyhting in this world or the universe. We get only one shot at this life. The most powerful gift God has given us is the freedom to choose what direction we go in life. God is not a linear thinker. He stands outside of time….he’s sees life from beggining to end. He knows what you will do but he has given us the tools necessary to walk the right path. It’s our choice to follow God or be our own God.


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