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For energy and chakra experts?

When I talk to my guy, through MSN messenger even if he is 15 hrs away, I feel alot of warm energy in his speech to me. It’s like a warm, soothing energy of love.
I don’t talk to him often though, it’s been once in a month already. I’d just like to know how you’d interpret that – is it love from his heart chakra?
Sometimes I talk to other guys but there’s no warm enveloping feeling like this. Does it really mean he loves me? It gets me wondering if it’s part of his persoanlity, as in, everyone he talks to will feel it.
Maybe, but i feel the energy in his speech.. it doesnt come from me…
mad cat he is my boyfriend
treats, I think you know what you’re talking about. He has this very raw, warm energy – It could have made me cry.. it feels painful.
However I am unsure about interpreting this energy – what you said rings something in me.


  1. Honestly, I think that’s really more a manifestation of your own feelings toward him. You’re building those feelings up inside your heart chakra.

  2. first of all you do not know this person you got to be care-full especially on the net
    now i will give you some advice if you are around any one at any time or place if it is a warm felling not cold it is a good thing your following your in-stinks if the felling is cold negative not good when you do for a person and you get the warm felling then it comes form the creator -a good thing
    now far as the heart chakra no the colors has nothing to do with this or angle energy

  3. Very much so he loves you. but also he could be he haves a very strong powerful soul and he can project his energy over distants so you can feel him. Entertainer of great status haves also. If ever went to the theater you can feel the great one on the stage. I once went to see Glenn Close years ago in Sunset Blvd. It was amazing how she controlled the stage. I also experience Barbara Strestain powerful voice very spiritual presence I was wowed. The great one are ones that out-last everyone. I believe your BF may possess this but it may only happen for you.

  4. Sometimes when people talk over the phone you can feel their energy in their voices, you can feel a warmth and its comforting to you. You can also tell if they are worried and upset, the phone seems to echo our voices and others generally know how we feel that day.
    When writing either a letter and I guess msn or similar then the power of the pen can be mighty and the writers personality can come through.
    Sounds to me that your boyfriend says what he feels and you are feeling his loving warm personality coming through.
    Some people are very generous and open and have a huge amount of energy to give out and this attracts others. They are not always aware of this they are just genuine people who love life and are not afraid to show it.
    I wish you well in your relationship.

  5. I think you are referring to Heart (Anahata) Chakra, which is responsible for compassion. Compassion is universal and same for everybody.
    Love is based upon likes and dislikes of external and internal attributes, which are transient. This is Genital (Muladhara) Chakra.


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