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For crystal ball users: what advice would you give to first time scryers?

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to dispense knowledgable advice on those who own these beautiful crystals to come forward and share their experiences nay stories into their road to enlightenment with these wonderous tools of heightened clairvoyance and a road to Spiritual discovery.
Serious answers please as I do understand that many
dont appreciate the mystical properties of crystal balls.


  1. I would cast a protective circle, first of all. Use candle-light…it helps. Make sure your crystal has been blessed and consecrated. Then relax and look ‘through’ the crystal, letting your vision relax and blur. Pay attention to any images and thoughts that might arise, and also to any physical sensations you may feel.

  2. Regular and consistent practice is important and that’s where I tend to fall off the wagon as my schedule makes it difficult. Also, gradually build up from a few minutes (no more than 10) to longer periods. I find light in the room distracting, as is too dark a room, so a small candle on the other side of the crystal can be about right. Mine is black obsidian and I love it! While some feel that scrying is a matter of self-hypnosis and the vision actually takes place in the mind’s eye, there is a school of thought that you are actually contacting spirits inside the crystal, so a prayer of protection and such steps might be wise, as well as dismissing any low vibration entities encountered.

  3. Eliminate all the distractions possible. Turn off the T. V., the stereo, the phone, etc. Meditate first and get as relaxed as you can. You might want to use some eye drops first if you’re prone to dry eye syndrome.

  4. wow really they still exist crystal ball I’m amazed I’m a medium well and i have never seen a crystal ball i did not try to get this gift but i do have a gift from the spirit world pisces here we are born with this so how do i get a ball?

  5. Make sure to be protected and gaze at the ball. I’d suggest practicing with a mirror first by looking between your eyes-the face will haze out and you’ll find an image.
    It is the cheaper easier way to scry. To behonest I don’t see why ppl buy crystal balls other than for their looks-b.c it’s not the best scrying tool 😉
    It’s more difficult, so I do suggest practicing on a mirror first until you get the hang of it.


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