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For Christians only: The greatest lesson you have learned that changed your life?

Hi Christians,
What is the greatest lesson you have learned from Jesus such that your spiritual life is transformed?
Is Christianity facing a crisis worldwide?
May God be the strength of your heart.
Atheists, please DO NOT answer.


  1. Mat 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
    His word is HIS Word

  2. Well, after reading Nancy Leigh Demoss’ book called Surrender, I finally understood what it truly means to be a bond servant of Christ. I have to deny myself daily and that’s what Christianity is all about. I can’t tell you how radically provoking the thought of that was, even though I’d read it in Scripture, she talked about it in a light I’d never seen before. It’s a wonderful book, I recommend it.

  3. God has taught me so much these last two years of my life.
    I never thought I would be as close as I am to Him now. In fact at one point I wasnt sure there was a God! I had alot of help from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and got more into the Word and now I have no doubt that God is real. Its hard with the temptations I have as a young person to maintain a Godly lilfestyle and be a light in a dark world. I hope you pray for me as I continue to dig into God’s Word and find out more about our wonderful Master and Creator

  4. Patients has been the most important one at this time in my life.
    Asking god to show me the way and allow me to see the signs of what is right and wrong for me in my adult life.
    Thank you God !

  5. the greatest lesson I have learned is that God works in the lives of all types of people, and that we should not assume someone does not know God because they do not share exactly the same beliefs as us. Bottom line is that God knows who truly loves him and desires a relationship with HIm. Many people are fooled into false teachings by unholy people, but God sees through our hearts, therefore we should not judge and give our love freely.

  6. THroughout my life i have experianced alot of challenging things and i’ve finally learned to ask myself the question “Why now?” instead of when things get tough people ask “Why me?” but whenever i go through something tough i have to ask why is God challenging me Now, today? Specifically what i learned from Jesus is how he picked his battles. Whenever he went toe to toe with the pharacies he always had something to confront their thinking instead of just disagreeing outright, by picking his battles.

  7. the love of god has changed my life- he is with me always – praise god – god says be not afraid i am always with thee- fear not the things which r to come – for i am always with thee-god bless u brother and keep u always

  8. I learned one of the greatest facts: that life was meant to be difficult. Even Jesus went through difficulties and overcame them, thus providing the hope that we can do it too.

  9. I came to know Christ and now am his child forever. He just runs in my veins. am a child of God. There is no lesson but a story of love taught by Jesus – be good to all around you and dont harm anyone. God takes care of the rest

  10. As a Christian, the greatest thing I ever learned was the sudden epiphany, as if God himself were speaking to me and through me directly, that if those ancient Greeks, Chinese, Assyrians, Egyptians, Norwegians, and all the other cultures that developed before and after Christianity believed in their gods and they were wrong, that I may very well be wrong too, and there’s absolutely no way of knowing the difference, so in order to be honest with myself and face the real world as it is I had to reject all of them, including Christianity.

  11. I learned that my version of good is not His version of good and He sets the standards not me, our righteousness is filthy rags before the Lord. I humbled myself and put my trust in Him, not me.
    Yes we are facing crisis but count it all joy when we face these trials, we are strengthened….keep your faith with me my beloved, and realize our redemption is near and we will soon be caught up to be with our Lord where there is no more tears or pain. Our hope is above not in grave dirt.


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