FOR BUDDHISTS: isn't it Buddhists believe Buddha but not Bodhisattva?

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many people get upset about Buddha because of the Buddha’s past live the Bodhisattva periods.Isn’t Bodhisattva a life with sorrow ?so in the right way Buddhists should not have any misunderstanding about Buddha isnt it?

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buddhist understand and experince, they do not believe, in fact any religion is just a by-product, want to understand buddhism go for meditation, hope the link below does help.

jack le dog.

I cant believe it’s not buddha. was bodhisvattra’s a country life of sorrow?

Hahahahaha... ^_^

Not quite sure what you mean…?

Vic W

I am not being funny with you and English may not be your first language but it is difficult to understand your question
I’lll check back later
I will try my best given the info although I may have it completely wrong
Could it be you are meaning
People can’t understand Lord Buddha was before He became a Buddha a Bodhisattva and the vows of a Bodhisattva mean they will come back at some time to this Sara World to help others
Ario Avalokitishvara The Bodhisattva The Great Being is a good example
It is claimed He was about to receive Final illumination but looked back at heard the cries of the world and took the Bodhisattva vow and You may be hearing some people disagreeing Buddhas are Bodhisattva’s before becoming Buddhas
If I have this wrong then Please update and I’ll try further


Bodhisattva is the life condition one step below Buddhahood.
Mahayana sets forth the ideal of the bodhisattva who seeks enlightenment both for self and others, even postponing one’s entry into nirvana in order to lead others to that goal.
In Hinayana Buddhism, the term is used almost exclusively to indicate Shakyamuni Buddha in his previous lifetimes.
Ten Worlds
[十界] (Jpn jikkai )
Ten distinct realms or categories of beings referred to in Buddhist scriptures. From the lowest to the highest, the realms of (1) hell, (2) hungry spirits, (3) animals, (4) asuras, (5) hu-man beings, (6) heavenly beings, (7) voice-hearers, (8) cause-awakened ones, (9) bodhisattvas, and (10) Buddhas.


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