For atheists who believe?

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that when we die our energy merges with a cosmic force or exists on another plane…
how did you come to that conclusion? in order for that to happen wouldn’t a guiding force need to exist ? how does our energy know where to go? that theory seems to imply consciousness and in order for consciousness to survive after we die something supernatural would need to be at work.
If you believe in the supernatural, then how did it come to be?;_ylt=AmS9Iz7zRr3amLliBrk6ttjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080508113633AAU85oT&show=7#profile-info-C8gnJtdRaa
I’m an atheist. I don’t believe this theory. My question is for those who do. Please stuff the snarky remarks.
You Idiot: If you wanted to elaborate on your answer that would be nice. Why would it not require a supernatural force?

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i don’t think that.


could you link the source on that one?

Joe Schmoe

What the heck is this “cosmic force” and what is this “another plane”?


good luck finding an atheist that believes that crap


It’s obvious what happens to our energy when we die.
There’s nothing supernatural about it.
You decompose, and reenter the circle of life.


They found our weakness!
There is energy of all varieties permeating the fabric of the universe that we can perceive, from microwave radiation to heat, to sunlight. Due to entropy, energy is massing in the fabric of the universe, mostly as heat, and so it doesn’t take much to imagine that our vital energy could just contribute to the entropy of the universe without a god to create it.

I am Made of Jelly

because you should learn about kinetics in physics.

Aviator - No CUP in Texas

So, you think Atheists are similar to Obi-wan Kenobi?

El Ateo

I don’t believe that. I believe that all the atoms that make up your body go back nature, via decomposition


What IS, will always BE!!!
I feel more spirit when I walk in a forest than in a church full of “Believers”………
That is not a conclusion, but merely a feeling!!

Tardis vip

I am an atheist! And I do believe that something is there after death!!
Last night I watched a documentary called ”Children of the Graves”!
Evidently in the early part of last century, there were orphanages, where the children were abused in ways we can’t even imagine!
Hundreds of these children died, and since they had no ‘name’, only numbers, they were buried in a mass grave! Using tape recorders around this mass grave?, you can clearly hear babies crying, and children calling for their mommy’s!
These documenters came to the places where these children were, and using tape recorders, and photography, showed some ‘traces’ of those children that remained. On the tape recordings you could hear clearly the sounds of children playing and laughing on an empty playground!
There was another place called ”Zombie Road’ where photographs shows ‘ figures’ of children who have dies on that road!
After watching that show, it leads me to believe that ‘something; remains after! Be it a soul/spirit/energy?, I don’t know!
You can check it out for yourself on Ytube! There is also an uncut version of ‘Zombie Road’!


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