Home Discussion Forum For Atheists who believe in reincarnation: What is it that gets reincarnated?

For Atheists who believe in reincarnation: What is it that gets reincarnated?

What is it that moves from one bodily incarnation to another? What is the mechanism for this transfer? What is being reincarnated (not trying to sound too redundant)?


  1. I personally do not believe in reincarnation. I would imagine that when you die, your soul frees itself from it’s body. At this point, the soul would reside in some “spiritual” area and wait in line for a rebirth.
    Some of the atheist here are confused. Atheism is the lack of belief in gods, period.
    Someone that does not believe in any supernatural event or phenomenon would be an empiricist or naturalist.

  2. Just a word. Very much more involved than that. More believers than non-believers that believe in re incarnation. Atheists can’t, they don’t believe in souls, afterlife and the other side. Basically, your essence, the thing that keeps the motor, called body, going gets a new body. As it is an energy it needs no material things to “float” from one state of being into another state. eg. Electricity – can produce heat, light, cold, noise, et al without changing anything.

  3. Buddhism is non-theistic, and teaches reincarnation in a sense, though it’s more often referred to as ‘rebirth’ or ‘re-becoming’.
    There is no ‘it’ that is reborn, no soul.
    “Buddhist meditation teachers suggest that observation reveals consciousness as a sequence of conscious moments rather than a continuum of awareness. Each moment is an experience of an individual mind-state such as a thought, a memory, a feeling or a perception. A mind-state arises, exists and, being impermanent, ceases, following which the next mind-state arises. Thus the consciousness of a sentient being can be seen as a continuous series of birth and death of these mind-states. Rebirth is the persistence of this process.”

  4. Actually,there are atheists who believe in reincarnation-just like there are atheists who believe in ghosts. Atheism allows for a wide range of beliefs,since the only restriction is a non-belief in God.
    Just because there is hypothetically no God doesn’t mean there is no spirit/soul. Electrical energy which is part of every human while alive disappears after death-yet it is known that energy can’t be destroyed,only transferred. So where does it go?

  5. The human consciousness is energy absorbed by the earth which is a huge capacitor and that energy is reabsorbed by another person.

  6. Neuroscience has concluded that our memories, personality, habits, opinions, beliefs, emotions (everything that defines who we are) are stored in and a function of the physical brain.
    So, when our brain dies, everything that defines who we are dies too.
    There is no reincarnation (or any other afterlife).


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