For anyone who has tried yoga and pilates, which has done better to tone your muscles?





p.s : Please recommend the dvds. Please don’t recommend a class, I just have time early in the morning or late at night. Thanks!
My fitness routine : walking to and from work place (30 mins), jogging for 1 hour every weekends
I mean to tone my muscles, not to lose weight. How to put it…let’s say to create a curvy body.


  1. Neither pilates or yoga are ‘intense’ enough to create a ‘curvy’ body, you need to do resistance or weight work for that and the only place is the gym I’m afraid.
    Pilates will improve your ‘core stability’ and yoga will improve your flexibility. The combination of the two is excellent. Also both are very relaxing so improve your mental health as well.
    My gym has classes that start at 6.30 in the morning and 8.30 at night so don’t rule out the idea of going to a class. Plus you’re more likely to give up on a DVD before you stop going to a class.

  2. I done pilates and that was better for me. I didnt do it for a DVD it was at a class. But u shud look up pilates DVDs and u are sure to find one, gud luck
    xx 🙂 xx

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  4. I was wonderin the same thing. I hear pilates is better at toning though, at least your tummy and stuff. I hope you get some informative answers cause I need to know too.

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