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For anybody who meditates, what is the best form of meditation in your opinnion?

And what effects have you noticed?


  1. The one that functions for you. Form follows funtion. It will find you. You will know it and your form changes with each time you experience it because the function is dynamic.
    It is not always the arrow that meets the target. Sometimes the target meets the arrow.

  2. when u meditate, sit cross-legged with ur eyes closed, then keep concentrating on ur breathing, breathe deeply and slowly. do not pay attention to any other outside noises. do not move from ur position for an hour, and don’t let urself be disturbed. It gave me a lot of peace. tensions between my husband and myself vanished.

  3. several type of meditation will be there,
    but easy method is transcendental meditation.if you follow this method , you will get good memory.,god sleep without dreams
    additional you add yoga also

  4. It depends on person who maditates. Does she/he has an experiance and can easily sparate her/himself from the enviroment or has to have her own silent moment, and distances from the world. I think everybod has their own technik of entering his own world. I prefer isolation, laying in silent room and performing autogeny training. I concentrate on my body, not on my thoughts. As I become aweare of my body, attention in my muscles I try to let it go – breeth deeply, concentrate on my brithing, heart bumping, my stomach… The good thing about a. training is that you can do it anywhere, at work, while driveing.. all you have to do is concentrate on your body and your spirit will be calmer.
    Effects – more secure, calmer, less tension in my life – better person

  5. The best form is silence…
    It starts with lip silence… the mind chatter increases, and also gets noticed.. with practice, that also slows down…. Then , we become meditative. Main advantage is health.. Lots of energy is dissipated due to unwanted thought effort. This energy gets conserved big way, and if a person is alert enough , he/she can easily notice this.

  6. The most common form of meditation we see is through religion. But meditating through religion may find success only by fooling ourselfs with imagination and illusion. The real meditation is a dark blind light with the sound of breating. For more performance in meditation, control your diet, control your breath, and polish your concentration with a nice focus on anything you wanna concentrate in!

  7. I like thoughtful interactions with Divinity, a kind of mental interaction with the Omnipotent God, some times I imagine She is the Sweetest and Beautiful Goddess also, whatever the image and relationship i may assume, the prowess of God is THAT who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient and Its not bored of me and capable and waiting to interact with me all the time. It can take any shape and can be any body any time and It requires a kind of Complete Subordianation of Mind to it, not to go beyond It instructs and its amazing and enchanting to see the various aspects of Divinity, some times as a Father, some times as a Mother, sometimes as a Brother, sometimes a sister, some times as a friend and sometimes as a sweet girl to do romance with even … something to experience only .. no laws logic run over here …
    luv and SAI RAM,

  8. Broadly 2 kinds
    1. Loving kindness meditation: Sitting motionless eyes closed and imaging as your vibes of love spreads to all 6 directions. Loving those people and things you hate, loving those people and things you love, loving people and thing with which you don’t have any feeliing.
    2. Insight meditation: Sitting motionless with eyes closed and analysing the thoughts coming and going along with your breath and change in breath spectrum when you have different thoughts. Also, following the thoughts to the end and understanding the impermanence of thought and its arising and disappearing nature.

  9. Form doesn’t matter…. whatever’s best for you. Been doing it the same way for decades [don’t keep it up as much as I should] but all roads are to the same destination and WORK….. so don’t worry about that or you’ll need even MORE meditation to calm you down from THOSE worries 🙂 I don’t SIT with my legs crossed, and don’t believe you have to sit any way other than being totally relaxed….. i am only lying down so that’s the way I do it If you’re uncomfortable that will occupy your mind too much and defeat the purpose.


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