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For all the wiccans/witches/warlocks?

Assuming that spirituality is a key factor in human life and assuming that God exists and there are forces to be bent: what can a “true” witch do? How do spells work? Do they work? Must you sell your soul? Are grimoires valid accounts of occult practices? Is the whole topic just another let-down? Can we bend the forces of nature or break them? Just write down whatever you know about the occult.


  1. “True” witches can do anything.
    It’s all about energy and intention.
    Yes, spells work, depending on the spell and the intention of the witch.
    No, there is no soul-selling because Wiccans do not believe in Satan. He’s a Christian entity. Besides, your soul is not your own, so you can’t sell it.
    I’ve never seen a grimoire.
    Depends on whether you’re serious or not.
    We can use the forces of nature–there is no breaking them.

  2. Spells work as good a prayers do. The only difference is who you are praying to.
    Spells work by belief. If you believe they will work, they do. Yes, they work.
    Don’t know about grimoires. The whole topic is not a let-down.
    Paganism has been around a lot longer than any major religion. There’s just not organized churches/meeting places that say you -have- to believe this way or else you burn in hell.
    Paganism is more of an individual religion, or way of life. What works/fits one person, may not another. but there’s no forcing everyone else to believe the way you do. It’s not that way.

  3. To start with most Witches\Wiccans aren’t going to believe in God. They might have a God along with a Goddess or Pantheon. They might ask these for help in spells, along with other spirits. I don’t believe in higher gods personally but in spirits of varying strengths. There is no selling of souls. What works for one with doesn’t necessarily work for another – grimoires – today we would call them a Book of Shadows – are individualistic and fit the user. Spells can “bend” or influence nature to a point – kind of like push luck or karma a certain direction.
    Oh and you really wont find the term warlock used – a male witch is usually a witch just like a female. Warlock means traitor.

  4. No one needs to sell any soul. This is a myth perpetrated during the witch hunts to scare people away from their Pagan roots and convert them to the Catholic church. Wiccans and Pagans to not believe in the Christian god…any more than Hindus do. Seriously, you’ve watched “TRhe Craft” too many times.

  5. I guess if you believe in it, you have to work at it for results. I highly doubt that reality can be changed with a chant and some charms personally. I’ve never heard of it actually working but if some witches can get it to work, okay. But keep in mind that God is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

  6. “True” witches based on programmed beliefs about them are mystics. They may or may not be pagan/Wiccan.
    Spells work the same as prayers do, based on the universal law that “Energy Follows Thoughts”. Read up on creative visualization. It’s the driving force behind them all.
    We all manifest our thoughts on some scale daily. Watch for coincidences” in your life.


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