For a person who has fully developed his third eye, is it possible for him to …..?





For a person who has fully developed his third eye, is it possible for him to see heaven and hell by his own will without any restrictions?


  1. Heaven and Hell are all around us. I don’t know much about psychic abilities but I would assume that, yes you can see bits and pieces of it, but you will probably have difficulty understanding it.

  2. if you can ‘see’ heaven, it means you must be one of its citizens already which is impossible bc you’re here on earth.
    but if you can ‘see’ hell, it surely means, you’re already one of its citizens .. even while you live on earth.
    since nobody can enter heaven, all claims of ‘seeing’ heaven must be lies.
    the only way to see heaven is to read God’s description of it in scripture.

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