for a chi kung master, how many days does it take for chi energy to build?





say chi energy meaning energy for marital arts or regular day activities


  1. Explaining it to you would be a waste.
    A Qigong Master does not have to build his energy, because he is a MASTER!
    It is always with him constantly bringing oxygen to his cells.
    You should have done a search on here with “what is qi” in the search box and hundreds or thousands of results would have been at your disposal. Some from people who very well know and understand Qi and others who know nothing about it.
    Use this forum as a tool.
    I should have elaborated a little. I was leaning towards the asker not knowing anything about qi at all, which is evident from the question asked. It’s like telling a preschooler who asks how much broccoli do they have to eat, that 4 ounces in sufficient. They have no awareness of time or measure.

  2. I don’t believe there is anything such as a qigong ‘master’.
    Like Sensei Scandal said, it would be a waste to explain. This is something best learned on ones own.
    Ki doesn’t have to build, Kikou is used to enhance, exercise, develop and heal. Like a kite in the air, the only limit is your ‘imagination’.

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