Food that resembles Albert Einstein?

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I’m doing a project in physics over him and we have to make some food that resembles Albert Einstein. Any ideas?
FOOD. I need FOOD ideas.

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uh….a cookie shaped like einstien’s head?


How about hollowing out a pineapple and filling it with rum – the pineapple sort of resembles Albet’s craggy face and unruly hair 😉


This gave me in idea: A potato with alfalfa sprouts for hair. Bake the potato if it has to be edible.


maybe a cake? id say make the cake part and buy the icing. get little candy’s and colored sugar to make a drawing on the cake that resembles albert maybe to represent how crazy with ideas he was put some m&m’s on the outside of the cake after you put on the icing.


fruit because that keeps the brain healthy and albert einstein was known for he brain




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