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Floating sensation on hand while meditating in my psychic room?

This has happened twice.
I start by meditating, drifting off, trying to concentrating on relaxing my mind and body. I then proceed to raise my vibration through a chakra exercise to reach a ‘trance-like’ state to contact my Spirit Guide in my psychic room.
The first time I felt like something or someone was strocking my hand…like with the fingers strocking in circles and up and down. It also felt like my hand was being forced to open more. It stopped for a few minutes and then it started again. It lasted for a while and I didn’t notice almost a whole hour had passed. The second time it happened but while I was working through my chakras before even reaching that ‘trance-like’ state to enter my room but didn’t last as long. This time, though, it felt as if the energy of my hand was being pulled, like that part wanted to float. I don’t know how to describe it!
I also felt pressure on certain parts of my face, torse, thighs, and feet but not as what I felt in my left hand.
Could this be Spirit touching my hand? Anybody has an insight? Or, have a similar experience?
Please help…I’m intrigued!
And, don’t waste my time and our yours bashing psychic phenomena. Spend your precious energy somewhere else…Thanks


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  2. I am not experienced in these matters but I think that maybe it was spirit or your guides touching your hand,I have experienced similar during meditation.

  3. It is a common experience when meditate, the mind is concentrated, breath will be slow, even no breath (higher stage). You say only one hand. some times the whole body will float. In India there was a saint, “levitating saint” he was called. When he start meditation he will float, and exist for hours.
    If you (or some body) are giving a suggestion of weightless then also the hand or even body will feel weightless. So recheck whether there is such suggestion.
    Don’t think of any spirit, as it may misguide to that realm. Continue your meditation with strong faith, you will be guided by that source that you believe in
    May god bless you:

  4. I don’t think of myself as a spiritual person and I don’t meditate but I am open minded. The way you described that energy on your hand is exactly what I have been experiencing. It has happened to me three times over the last ten months. The first time it happened I was in bed and I woke up from a dream. So I was really relaxed. I was on my back with my hands resting on my stomach. All my fingers were lifting up and down like a wave for a while. It was like a strong force under my hands. It was quite peaceful-not scary.
    I woke up this morning and the energy was on my left arm and then it moved and started playing with my right hand- up and down then in circles-like it wanted my hand to open more-very stong energy.
    I think it could be my brother trying to connect with me. He took his own life 10 months ago. He was only 20 years old.
    I have also seen a bright yellow light appear when I was laying in my bed starring into the dark. This happened soon after he died. Months later I saw a purple and green light….The colours are very bright and fluorescent. Has this happened to anyone else?

  5. I have been meditating and when I get to a very relaxed state I feel kind of a tingling or warmth in my hands. They then rise and kind of float and land on the center of my chest.
    My hands and arms will involuntarily move in graceful movements and form perfectly geometric shapes. It’s very strange. The first time it happened I got scared but now I just let it be.
    Last night I meditated and after about ten minutes the movements started with my hands. Also, my head will sway and turn, as if pent up energy in my neck is being released.
    It’s a great experience. I no longer fear it. I literally go with the flow. Sometimes my hands will then caress my face and lightly go over it. As if I have a guardian angel or something that is showing me affection.
    I know this sounds crazy but since you’re posting this I think you would understand.
    I googled “floating hands meditation” and found your site.
    Well, I’m going to meditate now every day for about 15 minutes. I feel so rejuvenated and healthy after doing it.
    And I’m no longer afraid of the body movements. It feels very perfect.

    • I’m surprised that there isn’t more info about people experiencing their hands floating above their body during meditation. I first began to meditate about a year ago. During a guided meditation my hands began to shake above my abdomen, and my fingers were almost electrically drawn to one another although they never connected. It was rather odd as I had never heard of any such thing. Not to mention I was in the infancy stages of my “awakening,” and my paradigm of reality was changing rapidly. Up until last night, I had not had that same experience. Just like a year ago my body began to vibrate and the tips of my fingers were drawn to each other. Except this time, they connected and formed a tear drop with the index fingers and thumbs. My arms and hands then began to rise above my abdomen, and I felt this electric surge from my naval. They then went higher and stopped over my throat and eventually they made their way to my forehead. As my hands descended, they dropped over my heart as I continued to meditate. I’m so blown away by it. This first thing I did this morning was google ‘hands floating over body during meditation’. Glad I found someone else who has had the same experience! It’s hard to explain to someone without being accused of ‘being out there’. I feel as though it had something to do with Chakra cleansing, but my research is still young. At any rate, in hopes of finding more people with similar experiences, I just wanted to share my story. Happy meditating. πŸ™‚

  6. You described the feelings I’m getting precisely Jim. Its good to hear it from someone else as its impossible to show anyone.
    I feel the `energy-pull switch between fingers at times, also i feel the energy changes subtly in intensity about 12 inches above my head.
    I’d love to learn more about these feelings but also happy and privileged just to feel them.

  7. Hello! This is the only thing I found that fit my experience…
    Did you also feel very warm and comfortable though? I loved the feeling, it actually brought me to tears. πŸ™‚

  8. Did you ever heard about Kundalini energy been awakened? If not, search about that! I have the same feeling too and I think is from this energy.

  9. Wow! I feel quite emotional! My hands too are pulled by unseen energies to describe spirals and shapes around me. Even down to the change in energy/density 12 inches above my head.
    I’ve been feeling it for about 5 years. Ever since my back was healed by a lovely (slightly kooky) Reiki practitioner.
    I’d really love to chat further about all this if anyone’s interested?
    Big love

  10. Yes my both arms raised up from my side as I lay on my bed! felt as if some energy was trying to pull me up! not only that I kept opening my eyes and seeing my arms up ,I have been watching Dr Steven Greer as I’ve been intrigued with extraterritorial and decided to try meditation to get some sort of feel from it and this has happened… think its a relaxing feeling and gonna keep doing it

  11. I have now been meditationing for about six months. The results are mindblowing,yet gradual. Ive now read many books from many different authers. I’ve had a various amount of wonderful results. I too have experienced the raising of my hands and it’s been an incredible sensation. sometimes it’s just a few inches above my legs and other times as high as my chest and then I get so movement in my head and my body surging with energy. on some occasions there are some jerking Sensations in my legs. the Beautiful gold and purple colors that mesh together changing and blending with a few flashes of white light. I’m meditating sometimes 2 or 3 times a day anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes at a time. I’m very anxious to go to a retreat and learn more because I’m really enjoying the results with the Peace of Mind. I focus more on mindfulness meditation. I also found this site by looking to see if anyone else was experiencing the rising of the hands. good to hear I’m not alone I didn’t think I was. I do meditate with a small group weekly and no one in our group has experienced that yet.thanks for letting me share.mettas of peace happiness being safe and health to all.Gary.

    • I’m very new to this but I’ve been reading some books by Eckert Tolle and have been learning/practicing entering into a state of consciousness. It has been an amazing experience, I’ve never felt such peace and unity. It feels like coming home to what I’ve already known but had forgotten or covered up with my mind and constant production. A few times a week now I take time to block out my thinking and enter this peaceful enlightened state of being, and when I do (not every time but sometimes) my arms become so light they actually begin to float up! I was curious if this is a normal thing (like I said I am new to this) so I did a search and found this post. Anyway I was just responding to let you know I’m having similar experience with my arms too!

      • This is amazing, I was meditating a few minutes ago while my right hand just went light and started to rise. I just freaked out and opened my eyes and to my amusement it continued rising for like 1 minutes then it came down slowly. I am a beginner and just started meditating. But I read many books and was inspired by Eckhart Tolle. Right after this experience I searched internet for similar experience and found this website. I would love to talk more about this experience as I have no idea whether it is a good thing!

      • I have the exact same experience. Just started meditating and my hands feel light and then I noticed they were floating up about a foot. When this happens, my entire body feels different. Like it is expanding. Thanks for sharing.

    • Same for me but both my hands and feet lifted. And the weirdest thing is I was able to open my eyes seeing this happen. Then I was falling back slowly felt like I was going to get lifted up. My eyes started vibrating fast and I saw colors but what I saw the most was bright light. My heart started going faster. I don’t know and also I just started meditating less then 3 times. Just need answers

  12. I have not been meditating for very long. Yesterday I experienced the raising of my hands and fore arms. I was laying flat on a mat. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes into the meditation, just about ready to come out of it I thought I felt something touching or moving my right thumb. I told myself to relax and mentally stated that I would welcome a spiritual connection. My thumb moved again immediately and was followed by each finger and then the forearm raising with my hand ending in an open skyward position. I was in disbelief. I was in a relaxed state but very aware, it was almost like someone was playing with me. I then mentally stated appreciation and asked if they could move my other hand. Immediately my left thumb began to move and the same thing happened again, leaving me with both hands open and forearms raised toward the ceiling. They did not come back down. I didn’t want to open my eyes because I mostly was in awe. When I did open my eyes it took me several seconds to get movement back in my body. I am fairly new to meditating but have been doing it often. A couple of nights ago, my foot moved involuntarily but I thought it was like a spasm or something. Previously, I was having an issue with what felt like fast, electricity running through my limbs (almost jolting and hard to deal with) research referred me to piti or priti. I have also had a few visions. The raising of my arms was incredibly powerful and I know that someone was with me. I love this and I think I miss some things as I get caught up in the excitement. All I can say is wow, amazing. I told no one as I am sure they would think I was going crazy. Thankful to find this sight. The comment from Seeker about levitating saint strikes a cord for me. The first thing I thought of was levitation. There has to be more info out there. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one. When I am very peaceful, my hands, especially my left and I’m lefthanded, it’s as though my my thumb and index finger will separate apart from touching, and it is starting less pronounced in my right hand. My index finger and thumb will open apart, slowly touch again, etc. It just seemed interesting.

  14. I am a reconnection healing practitioner. Basically I heal people with energy ( sort of like reiki ) but totally different. Anyway during session people who are having a healing experience all sort of weird and wonderful experiences from seeing colours, involuntary body movements, smells and sounds.
    This is due to the energy that resides inus all being activated.
    While meditating and focusing on these frequencies, I’ve had one or both hands float up, a arm start moving to the side like the hand of a clock , random body jerks and sensations of electrical energy flowing through my body. I find it all quite amazing though ever time it’s a little bit different. I believe it’s like your ethereal body communicating to your physical body and it’s a wonderful experience no matter how it communicates.

  15. I am experiencing the same thing with my left hand raising during my mediations. Ever since using an app called ‘Solfeggio Meditation’ that gose throw different frequencies (7 in total) .
    This is not any kind of “Spirt” thaking control. Thats just ridiculous.
    Just go with the vibration there is nothing to be scared about. Any kind of experience that happens during Meditation its to Heal oneself and grow spiritually.

  16. My arms raised in meditation then my hands came together and as my left hand rested back in my lap my right one raised up by my side like shiva. It was like a force was moving them. Then I saw green and blue light. Pretty nuts.

  17. This happened to me last night at a Reiki drum meditation . I felt my right arm raising up and my hands opening and then involuntary my left raising above my head . Saw purple lights and a panther and after meditation ended I cried a little. My guide said at one point my arms were above me head and palms outstretched as if to receive the enery. I’m new to meditation and find this fascinating .


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