fire bending for real?





I need to know how to really fire bend. I need to be completely devoted heart and soul, spiritually and mentally. I need to also figure out how to unlock chi and chakra to allow certain powers. i need an online tutor. I have always had a strong connection with fire and water.


  1. Hey, I would like to add some helpful info to improve this post as I love it but think it could be improved. So, let’s begin. If you wonder how to firebender or become a firebender, you can check out a few cool links that will guide you to becoming a REAL firebender!
    Here are some things:
    : Best way to start firebending but you need a Zippo.
    : Great way to actually make your own Fireball and hold it in your hand. You can do this over 10 seconds!
    : How to make a Fireball using only a lighter, this is good and cool but you cannot hold the Fireball as much as the last one… You don’t have a physical Fireball in this one but it’s still really cool and simple you just need your hand and a lighter. You don’t even have to hack the lighter or anything… Anyway, good luck overall but make sure you check out all sources!

    • Can you help me with the chi i really want to FireBend because on the show Avatar:the last airbender I am fascinated by the fire benders.

  2. Well, to be wholey accurate, scientists only “Theorized” that we only use less than 10% of our brain. There are no conclusive studies that shed fact on this theory. When it comes to self-combustion, we would have to be able to concentrate heat as a center of combustion starting with 2 molecules. But, the only known source of non-chemical formed combustion is the sun.
    What is more probable method would be electric fire bending. But the question is, how do we magnify our bodies electrical charge into a transferable charge.. from our bodies to outside our body to create an electrical charge that would cause combustion. We would either need some sort of device, or circuitry wiring to accomplish this. But consider this, when you hold two magnets by their opposite ends together.. you get a magnetic push.. the magnets move away from each other.. what if that same push is what we have to do with an element to get a “push” .. to move the given element. Food for thought~

  3. There are so many mystries that we can’t even begin to comprehend. I’m learning to be a firebender, it’s fun but it’s also very dangerous. Fire is the only element that’s not really practice friendly. If you want to be a firebender as well, I suggest you start out with little steps. You CANNOT cut corners with firebending or you will get yourself or others hurt if you don’t know how to control it properly. About the spirits, when I meditate, I don’t go around just any spirit, I go to God. God is the ultimate, the eternal, the most powerful. Spirits can be very deceiteful, but God will not let you down. So yah, be careful have fun learning about your element.

    • I totally agree God is the ultimate being he is our creator I don’t know how to learn fire bending and I need your help. Will you teach me?

  4. Well science tells us we use our brain at only 10% of it’s full potential, so who knows what could happen if you used it to it’s full potential.

    • 10% is all humans have we on the other hand are a highly intelligent being and we are superior to humans in every way the humans have accomplished nothing except most evil race or most destructive race or most brain dead race

  5. if you watch avatar then duplicate thoose moves you see and plus i aggre with the mysterious adimin also GO BENDERS

  6. I believe in benders but I have no clue how to become one. I meditate everyday and night. I mess around with fire and water to get a strong connection. If anybody would be kind enough to tech me I would pay greatly. Thanks if any of you benders would like to get me started. If you can’t then I’ll continue to find inner peace and connection with nature.

    • Dude u can’t become one u either are or not I might be able to tell u are or not just answer these questions how old r u? What colour are ur eyes and hair? Which element do u feel more natural around? are you any good at certain sports that relate to the a certain element? e.g swimming

  7. you know…
    us benders…
    we’re not human…
    we’re something else…
    something with a gift that cannot be explained…
    and we’ll forever be that way…
    we’re from somewhere else in this world, that decided to show ourselves that we truly exsist.
    and there’s nothing that you non-beliviers can do about it.

    • So true we are not human however I am stuck in a filthy human body in order to learn human ways to prepare for the uprising until I dive into a volcano where this body will die but I will be reborn as a Phoenix let us toast to the five elements and may we live now and forever in eternal glory

  8. i’m a fire and water bender too. i’m really good at it. my cousin’s a fire bender and he’s also really good at it. my sister’s a water bender who i’m teaching and my other cousin’s an air bender who’s also paracticing sometimes she blows herself away which is really funny to watch. but, i ain’t gonna tell ya where we are in north america. yes, benders are real, if they weren’t, what’ ya calling us?

  9. so what, you’re a deul-bender? if you are just keep practicing your fire and water bending you’ll get better. i know u will.

    • im a water and fire bender too. im really good at it my cousin’s a fire bender and he’s also really good at it. my younger sister’s a water bender who im teaching and my other cousin’s a airbender who parctices but sometimes blows herself away which is really funny to watch. benders are real if they weren’t, what’ ya calling us? any thing is possible in this world and there’s no such thing as no such thing.

  10. Do you really believe that someone with the knowledge of fire bending, air bending, water bending or earth bending would tell you how? If they would tell you this it would not be on the internet as i would take entirely to much space to type out and it would be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. My advice to the person asking this question is as follows:
    If you are serious about learning this you should spend less time looking on the internet for an answer and more time focusing on the task at hand.

  11. The connection to the elements and manipulating them is a possibility, but not for our mental and physical existence. Because they are subjected to laws of this physical world.
    However, as humans, we are created as three parts: our physical which creates our mental and a separte spiritual existence which was ment to govern or physical and mental existece. Very few people are aware of this and have actually used their spiritual existence to their full potential.
    Bending fire and walking on water for us as newly spiritual beings is as difficult for us as calculus is for a rabbit. Firstly we do not understand it. Secondly, most importantly, we are not aware of it so we have not developed with the capacity mentally and physically to do it.
    What i am saying is that defying the laws of the material and energy dimensions is possible. But not for us at the moment. And you can thank society for that. And the western civilizasion. As it is thanks to their pholosophy of man being above nature and not being equal (which is the case) that has detached the human race from the elements. Developing through hundreds of years without a connection to who we truely are.
    If you want to bend. You should first start at the beginning. You need to detach yourself from the existing world (the physical) and reawaken your spiritual. Once you can do that, the rest is all the matter of following your spirit and not your mental and physical desires. And re-establishing your connection to the world in a spiritual way. You will be able to feel how fire moves and behaves not with your body or mind but with your spirit. As what fire really is, is just the pure energetic product of combustion. So being pure enegry, as spiritual beings we can relate to it. And once we’ve grasped our spiritual existence coupled with our spiritual understanding of fire, we will be able to bend fire… Though not as it is seen on avatar. True firebending is different. You will understand once you get to that point…. Good luck
    Keep in mind though. When i am talking about spirits i am not talking about our modern understanding of ghosts and things. What i am refering to is our third form of existence… I am sure some of you have felt an emptiness once in your life. That emptiness is your spiritual existance that has not been reawkened yet. And if you haven’t felt this eptiness yet. Pay more attention to your body and mind. You will feel it.
    And once you’ve awkened your spirit, you will know how it feels. It complete changes your understanding and connection to life.

  12. R u an idiot or something if u want to learn how to bend fire and water go to China and meet a monk and he migt tell u but it will take practice 24,7

  13. I’m sorry, but you are not in the avatar-verse. Pyrokinesis, if possible, would likely be one of the hardest skills to learn, not the simplest as is often touted, because you would be working on a massively microscopic level. It would involve trying to control individual atoms as, unlike in a liquid or solid, there’s nothing binding them together.

  14. Well, steam locomotives bend fire! You bet they do! Okay, first the technical, then the psychological that you are referring to.
    In every steam locomotive firebox there is a brick arch that literally bends the fire flames so they do not directly enter the locomotive’s flues, and this both makes the fuel combustion be more complete and prohibits the flues from deteriorating due to direct contact of the flames which are often 3000 degrees farenheit.
    Okay. The psychologica fantasy of fire-bending is indeed not real. It is pure mental-masturbation just like the notion of a human walking on liquid water.
    These kinds of fantasies are designed to fool people into imagining that unreal things can exist. The reference to firebending is really absurd, and deal with controlled rage and anger and yet is supposedly respectfully passive in intent, which is, of course, a huge condradiction, as most myths and fantasies really are. This realm actually goes over the line of lunacy into outright insanity, as most of the fantasies including the belief in gods are.
    The whole thing is contrived around the mental default of people wishing to have “powers” and “capabilities” that real life on earth could not possibly possess. Like fire-breathing dragons, of which, no life can ever create fire out of its own body like a dragon is purported to be able to do, it would destroy all of the cells in the body and would be entirely toxic! Like ghosts, firebending is a myth and a form of mental insanity!

  15. You can’t do something that is impossible. Fire-bending is impossible. Fire jumps and moves and flares. No one call tell if the fire is being bent because no one could ever know where the fire was going to go in the first place.
    You do have powers. More than you can ever imagine. The best powers are not the ones that are taught to you by someone else. They are the ones you discover by yourself.

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