Find Your Spiritual Balance: Keep Your Aura Bright

Using the light that surrounds you is the key to providing balance throughout your body. Your body is surrounded by energy that appears in different colors. Many people can actually see this energy that is referred to as an aura. The colors in your aura should be clear and bright and will change throughout the day depending on your mood, feelings, or mindset. Some of you who are holding much anger and much pain may have dark, muted colors. Your aura will remain muddy until your state of negativity and suppressed emotions, fears, and pain are released back into the universe.

To keep your aura bright and clear, work with the chakra colors. Each day pick a color and confirm that you will pay attention throughout your day and work to balance the chakra that the color represents. Often, we subconsciously choose which chakra we should actively balance. The color of your clothes, the food choices you make throughout the day can be subtle hints that a certain chakra needs some attention. Pay attention to these signs they are like an early warning system. Throughout your day as you take note of your chosen color, say to yourself, “I release all fear, pain and repressed emotions with love into the universe.”

Chakra balancing is especially good during meditation because you can focus your energy more easily. To start, slowly examine each chakra to determine if it could use a little more attention than a general balancing exercise. If extra attention is needed, focus on the color and ask “what will bring this chakra into balance?” Focus on resolving the blockage. Examine your emotions, your thoughts, and your fear and allow yourself to affirm your awareness of the issue. Infuse the chakra with bright white light and then consciously release the suppressed energy back into the universe. In some cases this cannot be accomplished during one meditation session. You should not worry about that; instead know that each time you are working towards total release.

If extra chakra work is not needed, start with your base chakra. Focus on the color, which in this case is red and with clear intent say “My base chakra is in balance and can receive the love of the universe.” Move up through each chakra repeating the same process.

About the Author

I have been a healthcare professional and consultant for several decades. I work with people undergoing life changes and have had the opportunity to learn a great deal from attending professional workshops with Dr. Bennie Segal and Dr. Irving Oyle. Both doctors have had great success helping people undergoing major life changes, and in particular Dr. Segal’s work with cancer patients.

For the last 25 years, I have been dedicated to spiritual growth and learning to live with my spirit fully realized. I am assisted by a spiritual guide, in the angelic realms, called Madea.

Through automatic writing, Madea and I work closely together to create material designed to offer inspiration and guidance as you walk your spiritual path.

I invite you to learn more about your own spiritual path by reading my newest book, Spiritual Novice, Begin the Journey.

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