Feng Shui?

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Any quick and easy tips on using Feng Shui in my home? Easy furniture positioning tips? What to keep and not keep in my place? I have a small apartment, so painting is not an option, but what about colors?

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Here’s a site for you to read that you may find interesting regarding easy ways to incorporate Feng Shui in your home.


The main thing that you should concentrate on is keeping a healthy flow of chi in every part of the space. If there was a river flowing through your apartment, where would there be a sluggish flow or a place where the water would remain still? These places can be remedied with a variety of things, like chimes, mirrors, a small fountain, or a beaded curtain. I recommend choosing colors that are invigorating and inviting to you.


Purchase a Practical Feng Shui reference book. You can also try artofplacement.com She offers good tips.


so far as i know, shouldn;t keep furniture with edges pointing direct to you- it’s harm, as they said
also not to sit back to back with entrance- as someone will stab behind you..
colors? can’t help- this one need some calculation in feng shui- sorry


the best fengshui tip i can give that has a significant effect on your luck is to change your main door. the main door is usually the wooden door, not the metal gate; or the door that is connecting the house to the outside/ road. the least that you can do is repaint the whole door.
this beats rearranging the furnitures or even painting your house a different color.
changing your main door is like freshening up your luck to become more timely or current. in fengshui, when you first move into the house, you activate your luck at that time. and such luck have certain characteristics, which is usually calculated by the fenghsui concepts. but this luck usually just lasts for just a certain period, then it expires.
thus, it is important to change the door, if you want a fresher luck.
note: do not do this only if in the past you have a string of bad events. if this is the case, you might want to tilt your door at a different degree. or consult a fengshui professional.


Here are a few pages that will give you a basic overview of Feng Shui. There’s a nice chart that lists the color, shape, direction and season of the Five Elements.

Sarah-Jane M

There’s a good overview of what you should do here:
Good luck with it!


Many feng shui sites/books only gives general recommendations. For most optimum solution, the Feng Shui set up must take into consideration of the people living in the apartment. After that, then decide upon when and where to set up the feng shui.


Here is some websites on decorating Feng Shui…..


It really depends on what type of Feng Shui you want to know more of: the new age type (where everything is generalized, no calculations, etc) or the traditional type (recognized individuality and solutions provided from calculations).
For using traditional Feng Shui, find your auspicious/inauspicious directions which are dictated by your kua number. To find your kua number:
Then also check out the Flying Stars for this year to see how various sectors in your home are affected:
Additionally, here’s a guide on how to get started using authentic Feng Shui for your home:
Hope this info helps!


try these links there are several from this link that I have here for you


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