feng shui…we are getting our house ready to move into and I need some basic tips before painting.?

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Do you know of any, to the point, accurate, web sites that explain colors and positioning of feng shui (sp?). We are picking out our colors tomorrow for the house. I know almost nothing about feng shui at this point, however have heard that it is connected with your zodiac in some ways. Are there any web sites that explain this so I can figure out what my elements mean in my house.

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Mama Bear
Holly Dolly

this webbys good


Find some feng shui tips here:
There’s also a brand new show that just started airing on HGTV called “Fun Shui”:
And I also recommend getting the book “feng shui for dummies.”


For those who don’t have time for a proper Feng Shui consultant or would rather not dabble too much in the various rulings: use a soothing pastel color. Truth be told, if you were to follow the most optimal color, you would have to change it almost on a yearly basis.
If you got the time, read up on this article about Feng Shui for those moving into new homes:
Happy moving 😀


i am sorry but chinese fengshui is not as easy as most people think. there is no website that will give you free info that works. the closest you can get is get the book by eva wong on flying stars or lillian too on flying stars and 8 mansions.
fengshui is not about arranging the furnitures, or painting the house a certain color. it is more than those things. that is why, fengshui can increase wealth or improve your health in about 2-3 weeks – this is real fengshui. things posted on the web do not work that fast, because they aren’t about the fengshui concepts.
so what is fengshui like? well, there are many concepts, flying stars locate the good and bad areas in the house, then you use these to enhance your life. for example, you put the bedroom, living room and main door at the good areas/ direction; while the kitchen, toilet and stairs take the bad areas. then you position the stove, to attract more wealth into your life. you also use other concepts like 8 mansions to position beds, furnitures inside each room. then you use xuan kong da gua (another concept) to locate the doors in each of the rooms to make them healthy to the occupants. then you can also activate the current water star (flying star) to make the house financially lucky, and the current mountain star to make it more healthy for the people living in the house. this is fengshui.


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