Feng shui experts: How best do I make use of gold fish?

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I have a friend who is in constant poverty. She says she has always had a house with a central hallway, where you can see from front door to back. I told her this is bad feng shui and suggested she put a curtain up across either the front or back entry. Do you have any other suggestions?
Also, I would like to give her a goldfish bowl for a present. I am told that these are good to place by the front door. (My own fish tank is on the east, next to my front door.) I was wondering what is the best position for gold fish ponds/tanks. (My friend’s front door is also in the east).
We are in Australia, southern hemisphere, if that makes a difference to you.
Thanks for your help.

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To think that Newton, Dalton, Dirac, Bohr, Darwin, Rutherford, Einstein, Galileo, etc., all laboured in vain! Are we really discussing how a bowl of fish is going to affect the wealth of your friend? You are in Oz, maybe that’s suppose to explain it?


Hi, i have these two Feng Shui Books, but i haven’t read them completely. I believe an asian person would know much more.


well i m not a feng shui expert, infact i nearly know nothing about it but i have a few ideas she could use, depending on how wide her hallway is she could use the shelve walls which are easy to install and remove…. a curtain isn’t a bad idea…
and about the gold fish in my opinion it really wouldn’t have any affect on the way the gold fish’s tank is placed… just make sure it is big enough though………
hope this helps…xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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