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feng shui colours for my bedroom?

hi. im giving my room a makeover and am going to be painting the walls but im having trouble choosing a colour that will promote good feng shui. im thinking maybe pastel greens but im not too sure. any tips?


  1. think about the favorite colors of spring or fall which ever you like best
    pick two or three that make you feel warm and cozy
    there you go now you can feel comfy and tell every one you did it yourself

  2. If you are serious about it, you need to go the library or search for a website that has decent Feng Shui info, as there are many other factors to consider LONG before you paint, such as with furniture arrangement, and even things you can’t change, such as windows and doorways.
    Regardless, overly bright colors, such as pastels, tend NOT to be good FS, which relies, primarily, on harmony in nature (i.e., pastels tend to be garish, at least as far as FS is concerned).

  3. It would also be good to know the geographical location of your room in relation to the rest of the house. For instance, if it is in the north, blue tones are best. As has been said already, bedrooms are places to rest, so the colors should be soft and restful. A lot of teenagers want a fun and wild color scheme, but it won’t promote the rest you need. Go to the library or a bookstore and find a good book. A good popular writer is Lillian Too, because there are lots of very good pictures.


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