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Feng Shui and fake plants/flowers as decoration in a house?

This is kind of a 2 part question. I heard on tv that fake plants and flowers are bad fend shui in a home. Anyone know if this is true? My mom has fake plants, trees, flowers all over her house and its the house I grew up in and I never was really comfortable there. I dont really consider it my childhood “home”, that title goes to house i lived in when i was even younger. Of course there could be a million reasons for why I would feel that way, feng shui might have nothing to do with it but I wonder. Anyone out there know anything about feng shui? i also had some issues as a kid/teenager that started after we moved into my moms house (age 8 and over). again-could be for any reason but could “bad” feng shui have anything to do with it? okay for all you “feng shui is crap” folks out there, I understand your position but I happen to think theres something to it so if you dont have anything constructive to add please keep your opinions to yourself. thanks to all.


  1. well, i don’t know why you would have all these feelings…but i definitely know fake plants, and dried dead plants are a no-no in feng shui. try some easy to take care of plants grouped in two’s.

  2. Fung Sh*t is about as real as those plants you are worried about…this is a bunch of hooey, and has been proven time and time again to be nothing but a money maker for the fung sh*ts hovering about. Try 5 different advisers…I lay you 10 to one that none will agree on anything. If you are so convinced that there is something to it, try my experiment as suggested above. I suspect you also live by astrology in the daily papers?

  3. I have never heard this. I am Asian and we do have a couple fake magnolia blossoms in our home. All of our decor is Asian and flows together, has nice colours etc. That is what Feng Shui is. An environment of calm and serenity that all flows together.

  4. Yes, anything dead or fake as in potpourri which I can’t stand and will not allow in my house. Live plants are a great addition to rooms, plus they add oxygen into the air

  5. Not sure about fake flowers being bad feng shui but I do hate to dust them!
    I agree with asia…surround yourself with items that make you feel wonderful. Mirrors, light, pictures, beads and bells–all evoke strong emotions. Don’t forget fragrances–they do a lot to make a house a home. If plants make you nervous, I’d go with fiber optics sculptures or something less stressfull like tabletop waterfalls, sand gardens or bowls of pebbles for tabletops, etc.
    Let us know how it turns out 🙂

  6. Feng shui is rendered to snake oil in America. Yet the schools of thought, which it offshoot from, has been proven to be connected to studies of cosmology(star orientation) & animal patterning(turtle shell, snake scales) arrangements found in nature, much like Giza pyramid, Latin America pyramids, etc. etc. etc.. It seemed old world civilizations liked to align themselves to the stars as to be in sync with them. In fact, these school came in contact with the magic square of 9, calculus, algorthims(computers) which were all touched on in the pre-Feng Shui parent schools. And which we still use in modern schools, frequently, especially the computer – a binary algorithm machine.
    Maybe setting up your home towards these ancient derived calculations, could set up your life to become a more structured living? what do I know. In the end, we may never know what the purpose of Feng Shui was.. maybe a lifestyle, geared towards education.
    Fake plants don’t give off oxygen. Oxygen when in sufficient supply does become toxic towards certain bacteria/viruses in our bodies. Tell you the truth practicality should be your agenda. Even if you have all real plants, if you don’t take care of your responsibilities, that is a lot of mess for city dwellers.

  7. Supposedly, fake and dead plants are not feng shui. If you want plants, you must have living ones. I recommend an air plant, and maybe some small bamboo in a vase, caus they are easy to keep alive. I am bad at keeping things alive, but I have had this vase of bamboo I got at Home Depot forever. You only have to add water every couple of weeks, plus the bamboo helps bring together the asian feng shui feeling. Adding a small fountain to your room will also add feng shui. Just do what makes you feel most at ease, cause that is what it is all about. if you feel more comfortable with fake plants than do it, but if you are being strict with the rules of feng shui then don’t use fake plants. Research online, how to design a feng shui room, because furniture placement is also very important! Good luck with your room!

  8. Fake plants are only considered negative if they are never cleaned & allowed dirt to build up.
    Sometimes fake flowers or plants are a positive in feng shui (a room too dark to support a real plant). Dried flowers or plants are not positive.

  9. i work for a feng shui consultant
    objects affect feng shui, there is nothing to do with fake or real plants (they may both be beneficial or not beneficial for your house). its about what kind of energy the object emits and how its energy affects the energy dynamics of your house
    if the plants are the cause of your problems, you may have placed them at an area of earth foundation. possibly the north east, southwest or center.
    however the plants my not be the cause of your uncomfortness.
    it may be that your house has a bad feng shui orientation

  10. it is true that in fengshui, live plants is better than dead plants or plastic. but in fengshui the emphasis is not on the material but o the calculation based on a certain theory or technique. it is about the 360 degrees and how to optimize an area using fengshui theories. it is not about when you put a dead plant here fengshui is not good, while putting a live plant everything will be okay. it is about calculating where in the house is the good energy combination and where is the bad energy combination, then how do you utilize these areas to enhance your life. so, that your life will be more relaxed, because things just go into place while you achieve your gols easier.

  11. Basics of Feng Shui or fengshui
    * Literally wind-water.
    * Pronounced: foong shway or fung shway.
    * A form of geomancy.
    * Rules in Chinese philosophy that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy (qi).
    * Chinese practice of arranging of space and elements to achieve the greatest harmony and balance with the environment.
    * This ancient Chinese science practice of design, placement, proportion is estimated to be more than three thousand years old.
    Now your question and some simple answer for you.
    Fake flowers and plants = not living objects. However can gather negative or positive energy from the environment. Where you place your fake flowers? If near to the toilet, will gather negative energy. If near happy people always, will gather positive energy. If place at location which is not auspicious at your house, gather negative energy, if place at auspicious place, gather positive energy.
    Rule of thumb, don’t simply listen to others when it comes to fengshui, should check on your own. A great guru of fengshui once said, “your compass is your friend when you want to learn about fengshui”.
    Hope my simple explaination help.

  12. green plants have been the standard norm for those who wish to apply Feng Shui in their premises. However, there are various instances when using living plants may be unsuitable or even impractical. Living plants, for example, are known to create positive energy in the work environment but the pollen can be a source of potential allergies. This means that they can also have some negative consequences especially to your employees.
    There are also some locations in your business premises where placing a living plant may improve the Feng Shui but they lack natural light. In such an instance, it is only logical to use a faux or artificial plant. Read how you can incorporate Feng Shui in your current interior or exterior . https://www.plantersartificial.ae/blog/artificial-plants-for-feng-shui


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