Home Discussion Forum fellow witches, wizards druids shamans can you help me with this?

fellow witches, wizards druids shamans can you help me with this?

Well its like this. Ive got an oak staff and its getting prety difficult to use should I stick with it or just get a new one. also should i change from a staff to a wand? will a metal wand work.
And also can you help me find seeds for oak. willow, drift wood etc? Im planning to plant these trees so I can help others with their wand/staff problems for free.
And also Im not pagan but I practice magick.
I gladly appreciate your help.
Also to me, the word “fellow” means friend
if drift wood isnt grown from a seed then where is it grown?
Also can a sword be used as a wand or a staff? Please correct me if Im wrong.


  1. Just a tip – drift wood isn’t grown from a seed…
    EDIT – Ok, driftwood can be any wood that has washed up on a beach or a shore from the ocean or a river, etc. It is dead wood and some people collect it for artistic purposes as quite often it is beautifully and uniquely shaped and / or can be carved (I guess for the purpose you have in mind it would work well).
    I imagine you have seen plenty of driftwood without realising what it is – take a stroll on your nearest shoreline (preferably one that hasn’t been frequented by too many people) and you are bound to find some.

  2. I know this isn’t exactly the answer you’re looking for, but you shouldn’t ask other people if you should change/get rid of your magickal tools. They are YOURS. They are your special tools an if you feel that they have served their purpose, move on. If not, keep using them!
    How is it getting difficult to use? Perhaps you could get a lighter one or something.
    As for getting a wand or not, that’s gotta be your decision, but metal will work just fine if you think it will!


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