Fellow Wiccans: Question about scrying?





Have any of you ever tried water scrying or fire scrying?
Did you have good results?
I have tried water scrying several times but it seems like I get so tranced that I just see cloudy images and everything gets a bit blurry. Kinda like a high. I have not done very well.
Maybe some tips?


  1. I have scryed wiyh fire before so i know it works. but i have something to say… or i guess ask or i dont know i just need advice i guess. I have been studying in a coven for 11 months and i am SO close to being initiated! I am very exited but I am also pretty scared and slightly guilty. you see the rest of my family (my mom, dad, and sister) are strict cathlicts… and i’m only 12. any advice?

    • im 11 but i need help with scrying can you et me up? my coven leader hunter has a scrying test for the blood witches in my coven set up for 2 weeks and all i get is flickers.

  2. try concentrating on a specific image and try to clarify it. Start with one and work your way outward. I do better with fire, I go into a trance quicker…

  3. If you really want a vision, be prepared to watch the crystal ball for a very long time with total attention, a very long time.
    Back when I did that, so many ago, I would see a purple color take over the interior of the ball first, and close on the heels of that, the vision, which was kinetic and seemingly alive.
    These are psychic powers, however, which come to you as a consequence of spiritual development, and you should not dwell on these or make too much fuss over them. All the psychic gifts come, and when you are young, they amuse you, but later you cast them aside to achieve spiritual powers.
    Have fun for awhile, but one day, let these things go.

  4. I have better results with Fire.
    Dion Fortune has a formula for fire scrying with the Fire of
    Azrael, with cedar, sandalwood and juniper.
    Dion Fortune was not Wiccan but had many occult practices and this is a good one for scrying.

  5. I have tried water and fire. The fire was a little more odd, so I have only done it once. With the water, I usually have a really shiny silver piece to put at the bottom of the bowl. It helps me to focus a little better. I have seen a few things, some of them came true, some were just weird.

  6. I have done both water & fire scrying as well as scrying with a black mirror and a crystal ball. I have received good results from water scrying and mirror scrying. Water scrying works best for me if I turn the water black with a little ink. My crystal ball has a small flaw just off the center point which provides an easy attention point. The most vivid visions have come from crystal ball scrying. I don’t scry to see the future but treat the visions as lucid dreams and use them to gain insight to my unconscious self.
    Edit: Pointers? Don’t stare. Focus your attention more than your eyes. Relax. Let your peripheral vision blur.and your mind empty. It usually takes me a couple of false starts. I know a vision is coming when things start to spiral inward then the vision abruptly appears. My friend says she sees a mist that clears to a vision. My visions are usually just relatively short views of a single scene or a quickly changing series of scenes, but the colors are always abnormally brilliant

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