Fellow Wiccans, how important is witchcraft in your religious practice?





Hello all:
Fellow Wiccans, how important is witchcraft in your religious practice? Is it central? If so, why? If not, what do you consider to be the focus of your practice as a Wiccan?
As always, thanks to everyone who takes the time to respond.


  1. For me, it is only a small sidelight. My faith is focused on my relationship with the Gods I honor and upon the struggle to find and maintain balance within myself and without, as well. The Navajo people call this “Walking in Beauty.” I rarely cast spells, and when I do, I spend a long time thinking about other ways of achieving the same end. It has been my experience that mundane hard work and perseverance is usually more effective (and risks fewer unintended consequences) that casting.

  2. you may kn ow by now im not wiccan either prairecrow,
    sorry ;-(
    but i do do the occasional spell, its important in the sence that it helps me communciate with fate/nature and or whatever else is out there
    i think thats very important to me
    but the spelsl themselves, are not as important as the communciaton is
    its not because its not what or why im pagan or who i am
    spells, magic, is just part of being me, not the whole thing
    teh focus, probably that its shaped a lot of my personality and who i am
    your welcome 😉

  3. Crow, I tend to keep my use of witchcraft separate from my Religion of Wicca (Although there ARE many aspects of both in which that is not possible). I find that I am able to practice the Religion without having to engage in Witchcraft most of the time. However, as others have pointed out, many aspects of Witchcraft (meditation, healing, tool empowering, etc.) involve both religion AND Witchcraft. In that respect, I would find it almost impossible to simply give honor to the Divine without being able to reflect and meditate on my relationship with them.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  4. That would rather depend on what your definition of witchcraft is.
    My relationship to the gods, connection to the natural world and cycles of the year, as well as maintaining a good sense of ethics are where the most focus is. But then, witchcraft is rather intertwined with that on a regular basis. As far as creating and casting spells, this is something I rarely do. But more so I practice a combination of green witchcraft and cottage witchcraft and this is incorporated into my regular daily life as well…weaving my magical energy into hearth and home, in caring for my family and friends (as well as myself), gardening and the use of herbs in cooking, teas, and in magical mixtures, etc.
    For instance, it was a girlfriend’s birthday this past weekend. She manages a business. I know she works an awful lot and can get stressed out, or have trouble calming down after a busy day, and she’s talked about lack of peaceful sleep a couple of times to me this past year. So what did she get as a present from Crystal? A homemade set of lavender candles, lotion, soap, and bath balls…made with love and a little magic. Funny, this girlfriend isn’t all that familiar with my practice of witchcraft, but as soon as she took the objects out of her goodie-bag, she caught the scent of lavender and happily exclaimed, “Ooooh! This is gonna help me sleep good!” 🙂
    My time in my veggie, herb, and flower gardens and my woodsy nature walks also tends to be some of my “me time” that I spend communing with the gods on a regular basis. (And though I may not have outdoor gardening to do during the winter months, I still get out there for my woodsy walks. The fresh air and exercise is good for my mind, body and spirit, and the alone time without all the other distractions is the perfect time for me to offer up prayers and talk with the gods.)

  5. Not particularly. I practiced ceremonial magic before I was ever Wiccan, and most so-called ‘witchcraft’ is like using a rock to hammer on a screw. I have a perfectly good multitool on my pocket…why would I use a rock to pound on a screw when I’ve already got a phillips head attachment?
    Mine’s a path of religious ecstasy. I don’t need any kind of magic to reach the gods.

  6. It’s not that important. The most important thing to me is my relationship with the Divine and I don’t need to practice magic to do that. I’ll cast a few spells here and there if I need to, and yeah, it’s fun when I do, but it’s not something I place a huge importance on doing.

  7. It really depends on what you consider witchcraft.
    Some consider meditation, casting of a circle, calling upon the God and/or Goddess to be witchcraft while others only consider spell casting, working with incense, crystals, candles etc to be witchcraft.
    I would say while very important, it isn’t something I do often. If I am leading an Esbat or Sabbat ritual with my coven I will usually do several small meditations or spells in creating the ritual and the items needed for the ritual. However I don’t tend to use the craft in everyday life, but that is something I should strive toward. If attending a ritual I am not conducting I will usually perform a personal cleansing and grounding just prior to the event especially if it is not with my coven. While I should do a ritual bath before anything, I tend not to with our coven if the ritual is an open pagan ritual instead of a full Wiccan ritual and I am no the one leading.

  8. It is a very important part of my religious practice along with meditation. Every time I light a candle or incense I put intent behind it. Even when I cook dinner I think of the ingredients and how to make them positive. I like to focus energies and influence the atmosphere around me. It is just a part of the way I live my life. I understand how important my spells and rituals are to me and the intense responsibility I have to use them correctly. To the people who said all those negative things…don’t criticize what you don’t understand.

  9. It is not that important in my practice. I do enjoy performing spells, but I do not feel they are needed to commune with the gods. Besides, if I do too many spells, I feel like I am abusing my position that the gods have placed me in.

  10. For me it’s a huge part. The Witchcraft that I do is based on self-improvement. I started doing Witchcraft years after developing the Wiccan belief system, and at first I did it just because I wanted to be a Witch as well as a Wiccan. I have “class” every day (meaning an hour of practice). On my anniversary and the surrounding days I was busy so I skipped class. I found myself getting irritable and angry. Once I started classes again, I felt fine. So I do it every day without fail now. It’s essential for my well-being.
    And yeah, guys. It’s a total waste of time to live by the rule “harm none” and to take an hour out of my day to make my life better and myself a better person. A$$holes.

  11. Um although not a Wiccan, I’ll reply. 🙂
    Witchcraft is an essential practice in my path, a very central point of it. For me Witchcraft isn’t just a set of methods and practices that utilize Magic. In my path it is interwined with the worship of my Gods and all acts of ritualistic character. I also, use it frequently as a means of “keeping on check” everything I do (in the field of Magic, religion and spirituality) like for example, performing cleansing rituals when an x period of time has passed and so on.

  12. I was going to answer to you, though im not wiccan, and say, be careful because of these narrow minded unintelligent christians will say something is wrong about wicca/witchcraft when it is perfectly fine…christians don’t rule the world, nor does their religion so i wouldn’t listen to them if i were you, they will NEVER rule the world and their religion will NEVER either, it will go extinct ^_^ oh happy day LOL

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