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Fellow pagans, how important are your beliefs in your life?Also, how should I tell new people about my beliefs?

My beliefs are extremely important to me. I am starting a new college monday however and am wondering how to inform new friends of my spirituality. Luckily I am taking a class on witchcraft, magick, and healing so meeting new people should be easy.


  1. Not a pagan, but I’ve heard nothing good about Christians who feel the need to inform newly met people of that fact within the first 10-15 seconds of knowing them. So if it comes up, tell them, otherwise it might be better to remain a religious mystery lol.

  2. Very Important. then again, i am an ex christian, that lived in the bible belt. I believe that one’s belief changes people.
    Wear your Pagan symbols outside your shirt, its the best way to get people to understand. some people are bad mouthed when they get too vocal. Also, christian fundies are a real danger to Pagans.

  3. I’d say my personal beliefs are important to me, I’m sure that’s the same to anyone spiritual. I wouldn’t just go out and say “I’M A PAGAN EVERYONE 8D” but wait until you have a solid friendship with them and you know they won’t discriminate against you or leave your friendship just because of your beliefs, that’s my advice on that.

  4. They are very important to my life. Every day I find that I need to remember the lessons my spiritual life has taught me and every day I find myself using those lessons, often completely unconsiously.
    “How” should you tell new people about your beliefs? Drop the “how” and you have a good question.
    I see it this way. I am what I am, I am who I am. I don’t expect every person I meet to say, “I like your earings. Oh, by the way, I’m a practicing Jew.” or “Is this seat taken? Just in case you were wondering, I’m catholic.” So why would I be so awkward as to say, “Hey, I guess we’re going to be sharing the same lab space this year. I’m a witch.”
    I just be who I am and do what I do. I don’t shout it from the mountains, I just am honest and if people ask, I tell the truth.
    “Hey, what are you up to this weekend?”
    “Oh, I’m going to that pagan festival at the Sandpiper Ballroom.”
    “What, are you, like, into that stuff?”
    “I suppose you could say that. What are you doing this weekend?”

  5. I’d suggest not bringing it up unless asked. Most pagans don’t proselytize. It’s one of the things that distinguishes them from other mainstream religions. They actually have college courses in witchcraft, magick and healing now?

  6. My beliefs are very important to me in my life, however, I don’t flaunt my beliefs around. I don’t tell everyone and anyone I meet that I’m a Witch…even people I’ve known for decades don’t know I’m a Witch.
    New friends, I wouldn’t tell them, unless they indicate to you that they are genuinly interested in either your beliefs or the path in general. If the topic doesn’t come up, I wouldn’t discuss it. One should be choosey of who they tell because it could come back and bite them in the behind and you could regret telling anyone.
    Besides one’s beliefs are personal and shouldn’t really be the topic of generalized conversation.

  7. My spirituality is an integral part of what makes me who I am as a person, and it’s incorporated into my daily life. I live as an example of the ethics and philosophies my religion teaches.
    That being said, I don’t go telling every new friend I meet of my spiritual preferences – why would I need to? My beliefs and my practice are personal and meaningful to me. My relationship with my gods isn’t really anyone else’s business. What do they have to do with going to lunch, or catching a movie, or studying for college exams with a friend?
    I have a few friends who still don’t know my spiritual preferences simply because the subject of religion never comes up with us in conversation. And blending in as a practicing Wiccan with others who have more Christian or just plain secular leanings is rather simple, considering we have holidays that are close to each other that incorporate much of the same symbolism and many of the same traditions (though to each of us personally they may have different meanings).
    If you’re looking to share your spirituality with others, then first seek out those who do share similar spiritual views – like you said you’re taking classes. There you go. Your spirituality being important to you doesn’t mean it’s going to be important to everyone else you meet. Simply live your belief while also being a college student. Nothing wrong with that.

  8. My spirituality is central to my life, as is the fact that I have Pagan beliefs. But the word “beliefs” perhaps implies a fixity of perspective that I don’t have. Trying to pin down 80% of my beliefs is like trying to nail a jelly to the floor. But the core 20% is central to my spirituality.
    How should you tell new people about your beliefs? I can tell you what I do: what you do is up to you, but I would encourage you to exercise self-control over expressing your enthusiasm to everyone you meet. You don’t want to give people the idea you’re a “Pagan fundamentalist”, because that would damage your credibility and that of the Pagan community.
    I basically limit it to mentioning it on my facebook profile and in my potted biography … my religion is on my corporate directory entry at work and we have all been explicitly encouraged to do this by our employer. I will discuss it in general terms with close friends and colleagues in my immediate team, but only if they raise the subject with me. I am publicly Pagan, but discreet about specifics. I always refuse to get drawn into theological debate, except with other Pagans.

  9. My life is a manifestation of my experience with
    the Goddess. I am a full-time Priestess, and have
    dedicated myself to Her service.
    To tell others about your beliefs, always say very
    little per sesion. Too much overloads people. You
    need to give them time to digest each piece of new
    info. If you go too fast, you lose them.

  10. On a ‘spiritual’ level, My beliefs are who i am..they are integral to everything i do. But that’s it, they are about me alone. I tend not to discuss them unless i am in sympathetic company, or am asked..and even then i may choose not to.


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