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Faster than the speed of Light?

I’m guessing there are some people here who know of Schrodenger’s cat. Has anyone read Schrodenger’s rabbits?
Using the simplest particles of which our universe is built, the photon and the electron, the basic units of light and matter. Measuring the spin of an electron, or the polarization of a photon–seemingly has an instantaneous effect on the outcome of a measurement of another particle some distance away.
The formal name for this puzzle is the EPR paradox, after its originators Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen. It is the most puzzling feature of the modern formulation of physics known as quantum theory. For half a century, attempts by physicists and philosophers to explain this behavior have verged on the bizarre.
This implies a signal can be sent instanteously anywhere in the universe. Anyone know of the latest info on this subject?


  1. No, at this current age, nothing could travel faster than the speed of light it’s self, light and gravity can only do that.
    Einstein is right, I know he’s right, everybody is jealious of him. Einstein proved that hes right!

  2. nothing is impossible either =]
    I don’t know much about this. I’m reading about it though, and it is indeed interesting. Space can be bent though.. does that have something to do with it?
    But yes, nothing to this day is known to travel faster than light.. except perhaps rumors.

  3. personally,, this is what I think (no proof, just self thinking)…..
    Nothing that we know of travels faster than the speed of light,,, but I think that since the speed is just a number “c”, then adding 1m/s is possible,,, I think that you can go up to infinity by either the freezing of time (as before the big bang) or by traveling an infinite amount of distance in a given time…
    I dont know really… just like to think about it though

  4. Particles can be “joined” so that effecting the spin of one instantaneously effects the spin of the other even if they’re on opposite ends of the universe. No one knows why this occurs (Einstein called it “spooky physics”). I’ve read up about it and have learned that, unfortunately, this phenomenum cannot be used to create instant (or faster than light) communication, but I’ve never really understood why (I think it’s because the effect on the twin particle is random).

  5. First off, the electron and photon are –not– the simplest component parts of which the Universe is made. The smallest parts we have fond so far are the quarks, but there is some evidence that quarks may, in turn, be made up of still smaller units.
    Secondly, the apparent ‘instantaneous’ transfer of information between 2 points depends on having 2 particles (that have been entangled) seperated by some distnace without becoming decoherent (no small feat in itself) ant the length of time ti takes to transport on particle from ‘here’ to ‘there’ is certainly limited by SR so that, in a philosophical snese, you really *haven’t* sent information anywhere at faster than luminal velocities.

  6. I read some about it. It’s called quantum entanglement. If two sub atomic particles originate from from the same source, they’re entangled for life. Measure the spin of one and the other will be the same, weirdly enough. It wouldn’t work for faster than light communication I think they said, because one of the particles would still have to reach the receiver traveling at sub light speed.


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