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faster space travel??

so what if we surround lets say a space ship with an electromagnetic field, so it becomes preety much a giant tachyon would that work for faster than light speed travel??? i know that tachyons are a hypothetical particle, but would that work?


  1. well if it worked it would be cool, you would have to ride magnetic currents to get anywhere. and if einsteins theory is right, which it probably isn’t based on new evidence, it’s impossible for matter to go faster than light, so the field might tear the ship apart trying to pull if faster than it will go.

  2. theres alot of therios at this point in time on how we could travel faster, this being one of them. antimatter is another possibility but id rather not ride around in a ship with antimatter fulling it (cuz u know the stuff is dangerous lol) i like the hydrogen fusion engine idea, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and the engine sucks it up as we fly through space then it creates nuclear fusion and uses the process as a fuel. unfortunately we havnt figured out how to do this yet but technology is always advancing… its up to us as a species to share ideas so we can get this stuff going, i personally think we need to address other things like life support and radiation before we even talk about engine options.

  3. You are still going to run to the cosmic speed limit, c. Anything with a mass cannot travel faster than speed of light since the energy required would increase to infinity as we reach the speed of light.

  4. Even if we surround a spaceship with an electromagnetic field, it will still continue to be” matter”, it will still have its mass. And “matter”(anything that has some mass and some space) can never travel at a speed greater than that of light.

  5. if you could make a spaceship from some particles that does not have any mass, such as graviton (a particle of gravity),
    you can travel faster than the speed of light just like gravity travels with no time.

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