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family member hearing voices of Shiv – hindu god?

Hello all,
I’ve a family member who is 60 yrs old and been hearing what she says are voices from Lord Shiv. At the beginning the voices were peaceful, but recently, he is scolding her a lot and constantly awakens her from sleep.
Also, she was taking dictation from him as he would narrate her many stories.
since this is a spiritual forum , can anyone provide any opinions on what they think?
My family member is extremely spiritual. She was born in India, but has lived in N. America since early 20s and believes in all religions.
Do you know anyone who has felt/heard Shiv and then voices turned bothersome?


  1. This may not be the kind of answer you wanted but I recommend that your family member see a doctor for a full evaluation. This is most likely the result of some physical or mental illness and should be treated before it does any harm.

  2. Are the stories she hears any good or drivel,,If shes not harming herself or anyone else let her be..As you said”she has been interested in the spiritual side of life for years..Maybe an extension of that..A doctor might say she,s losing the plot,some people have different ways of looking and dealing with things..Dont fill her full of sedatives.

  3. What did she dictate? Was it from the vedas she had learned or something enlightening about them or her personal life?
    No offense but when people age they do start to develop a since of “spiritualness” of their primary belief and sometimes they do get dementia during that age and will think they are hearing Gods, demons, spirits, or other things. Read what she has dictated. Make sure she does see a doctor though, not just for mental health but to make sure that she is physically sound as well as mentally. When this checks out as ok, then you may want to start rethinking her stories. Most people, if they are up in years, will actually hear the spirits, angels, messengers, ect. most times within a year of their possible passing. I do not want to scare you on that fact but sometimes they come to us before our time to let us know things and to pass the messages on to let us know there is nothing to fear and to understand their own spiritual existence while on earth. Let us know what she has dictated so that we can understand where she is at the moment.


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