Falun Gong and the Chinese Government – What's your opinion?

First off – i’m an atheist and i hate cults. Cult defined in a very limited term, for while i think religion is irrational i acknowledge the civic benefits it can provide.
Second – i’m not too keen on totalitarian/authoritarian government either.
Enter this problem. Falun Dafa, a QiGong practitioner group founded on the millenarist philosopical principles of Li Hongzhi. For all intents and purposes – a pseudo-scientific mystical cult.
On the otherside, the Chinese government, a model of authoritarianism that persecutes whatever group it wishes.
Question for you all:
If you had to choose (emphasis the had, no cop-out neutral statements) – Where would your sympathies lie?
The irrational cult or the monolithic government entity?

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I promote freedom of thought.
I would much rather live in a world where differences are respected, and individuality is encouraged.
The opposite view – to try to get everyone to conform to ONE way of thinking is just too frightening to contemplate!
People have sought the eternal and truth since time immemorial. Why try to crush that out of people now?

Chareth Cutestory AM WWFSMD

I side with the irrational cult because they aren’t killing anyone.
Totalitarianism is always bad.


You know, I believe in freedom (within restraints of not harming others).
I don’t like cults, but geez, if you want to wear funny underpants or hyperventilate by a stagnant pond – go for it!!
China is run by control freaks.

Luke Weiss

the atheistic government shouldn’t be allowed to hurt a single member of a group of peacefull people
I’m sickened you atheists can defend the atheistic government because you may not agree with falun-gong


It seems like a lose/lose proposition either way.
If I *had* to choose though, I’d take the irrational cult rather than the gov’t.
Again though, I would prefer neither … just choosing one because you asked for a choice between the two

So-crates Part Deus

I too am an atheist.
But I do not trust the Chinese Govt whatsoever.

Anna P

Your premise is incorrect. Falun Gong is not an “irrational cult,” and has gathered many adherents. The atheistic state of China refuses to allow any religion or practice that runs counter to its philosophy to be allowed to proliferate (that includes “too much” Christianity). This has been much the case in mose atheistic states during the past 100 years. The totalitarianism has never fully stamped out the practice of the faithful.


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