Facing a grave Spiritual Crisis…I tried on my wife's…?

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Hello. I am facing a great spiritual crisis.
Yesterday evening, in a fit of sillyness, I decided to try on my wife’s Crocs sandals. Never in my life have I ever put on such a fugly pair of shoes…
However, they are SOOOO incredibly comfortable, I cannot remove them – my comfort demons refuse to allow me to part with these shoes.
the dilemma I face is such: I cannot take these shoes off. However, I also would not be caught dead in public wearing such a horrendous fashion choice. I have to leave the house….but I cant take these shoes off!!! And I refuse to leave the house IN the shoes!!!
What would Jesus do??? Flaunt the fashion police and wear them in public anyway??
Reverend Soliel – my wife is one big as* beotch!!! LOL!!! She is actually the same height as I am… So when we go out to a fancy dinner, I have to wear a pair of heels as well…

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Bahahahahhahahaha! You are great. I love you.

Kelly - Hey TIRH

To hell with the fashion police. I say wear them
(((((So-Crates))))) Missed ya.


wear them!! screw fashion. fashion is what you make it.

Toke Lover

Jesus was not a fashion follower, but a leader (Jesus Sandals, right?)
So, set your own trend my vain friend & wear women’s crocs to your hearts delight…give into those comfort demons, I know I give in to all my demons, life is more fun that way!

Silly Salamander is Sexy!

Jesus would certainly flaunt the fashion police. 😛

Your Teeth or Mine?

Jesus – as described by todays Republicans -would gather his disciples around him(to block the shoes from public gaze) while they chant “Your all going to hell,your all going to hell” just for the fun of it….

Woody B

Since when have you let “The Man” dictate your fashion choices!?
Be wild!


Simple comfort comes before fashion

The Reverend Soleil

Dude — your wife has the same size feet as you?!?!


Bahahahaha this question just made my day. My you are in a pickle. I say wear them, and if anyone says something, let them know that YOU know that they are the worst fashion choice known to man, so they know you are not crazy. You could also get your own pair in, say, grey or black so that it’s not quite as bad as bright orange or green Crocs.

Wicked Witchâ„¢ of the West

I don’t know what Jesus would do, but, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of crocs! Suck it up, take em off.


You must have small feet or your wife has big feet. Oh well get a men’s pair and you’ll be right as rain. By the way my foot doctor said those are good for your feet he said I should get a pair i’m going to check it out……

The warrior poo flinger

Screw what other people think! I bet there are a ton of closeted croc wearing men waiting for just one person to go outside in their wife’s or gf’s crocs to give them the courage and inspiration to come out too..but if they are neon anything, maybe send her to the store to buy some black ones.

Auntie Christ [stuporstar]

I don’t know about this one, buddy…
As a girl who lives for mass consumption as best expressed through the purchase of uncomfortable yet adorable footwear…
I don’t think we can be friends any more.
(I keed… I keed… )


LOL..very funny


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