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Eye makeup tips for a brown and gold gown?!?

I have a very important Christmas party to go to tonight! My dress is dark chocolate brown with gold beading near the bottom. I am wearing gold jewelry with brown stones and some citrine colored stones. My date says to brighten up my eyes, I normally wear dark eyeshadow… well this advice is coming from my loving BF who knows nothng about eye make up. So go I wear bright gold on my eyes or some chocolate?


  1. to play up your eyes take a dark brown eyeliner and line the outer corners of your eyes. then smudge it up. over that apply alittle shimmery brown eyeshadow. at the inner corner of your eyes dab alittle bit of gold. buhbam! beautiful eyes =]

  2. i agree with gracee as well . I hope you have a wonderfull time . are you wearing a full length gown ? if so is it strapless ? if it is dont forget to maybe add a little body glitter to your shoulders . good luck and god bless.

  3. I would definately go with brown eyeshadow on the lid and a gold above the crease and below the eyebrow. Do a brown eyeliner on the top of your eyelid and a black mascara. It wont be such a harsh combination and it will go great with your dress.

  4. in my opinion, if you wear the same shade as your dress, there’s nothing stand out.
    you said you’re going to wear jewelry and it has other colors than brown, try to wear that other color. it’ll stand out your eyes. try ice shimmer eyeshadow but not brown or gold. trust me 🙂

  5. what colour are your eyes? you should focus on your eyes and not the dress colour. when i had my brothers wedding the makeup artist put purple eyeshadow on me (i have green eyes), and the dress was a copper/rusty colour.
    i agree with faerhann…if you wear brown dress, brown jewellery, and have brown eyes it will be overkill. so go with what normally makes your eyes stand out with subtle tones of brown…but you dont necessarily HAVE to wear brown because of the dress.


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